• FMQ 448 Who Creates Your Reality

    Who Creates Your Reality If it isn’t you – Then who? We hear so often that we, YOU, create your reality but id that really the case? Can you really create your own reality? That’s what this 5-minute quickie episode is about, a simple muse at first to consider all the possibilities and maybe a...

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#395 How To deal With Being Attacked Part 2

In this episode, you'll learn: How to identify the visual or auditory triggers that set you off. The steps to use the Swish Pattern to replace negative reactions with positive ones. How...

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#394 How To Deal With Being Attacked – Part 1

n this episode, we dive into the mechanisms our unconscious mind uses to protect us from feeling hurt or guilty. Often, these protective reactions are triggered and lead to...

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FMQ 447 Can You, Do You Keep A Secret?

Maybe something you hear that creates an idea in your head do you share that with others too? Come with me for a few minutes and I'll share a simple...

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#393 Victory Speech and A View From The Balcony

This episode is about how to achieve success. Sometimes I hear something and go YES! Someone's using the thing I was also taught because it works. And this episode is developed...

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FMQ 446 If You’re Struggling or Lost

I was reminded of something so important if you're struggling or feeling lost by my middle son Luke. I caught him on  a reel in Instagram sharing this message It...

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#392 Feel Good and Getting Better

If you would, come follow me on this little dive of of discovery of how we can create a practice of celebrating who and where we are and being...

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