• FMQ 453 Why Celebrating Leads To Success

    When you do what I share and suggest it'll guide your  unconscious mind to find more of what gives you pleasure and that inner satisfaction, plus you'll probably end up achieving more too  :O) Big claim for a 5-Minute podcast episode which actually lasts 9 minute but who's counting - more for your buck.

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#399 Removing Anxiety in Real Life

In this episode I'll discuss: A real-life story of dealing with anxiety and fear. Two powerful processes to remove anxiety and feel good. You'll learn: How to push away negative thoughts and visualize...

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FMQ 452 Making Life Richer

There's a way to get there, probably quicker, certainly easier and guess what? we get to experience that SPECIAL. I'll explain it all in a short story and you can...

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#398 Mental Health – It’s All In The Mind

Join me as we explore how to reclaim your mental health and become the person you truly want to be. Remember, it's all in the mind, and with the...

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FMQ 451 The Red Pen Of Fear

I can remember how it felt and how I hated doing the next piece of homework knowing what was to come. Can you relate to this? THEN..... I remembered how my...

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#397 Selfless Service – What It Really Costs

Join me as I explore how these acts of kindness not only benefit others but also bring unexpected rewards to ourselves. This episode encourages you to reflect on your...

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FMQ 450 Connecting With Your Unconscious Mind

I'd love to share with you a few ways I've found to connect with your unconscious mind. I've been struggling with this because I just want to get closer...

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When, while the lovely valley teems with vapour around me, and the meridian sun strikes the upper surface of the impenetrable foliage of my trees, and but a few stray.

Steal into the inner sanctuary, I throw myself down among the tall grass by the trickling stream and, as I lie close to the earth, a thousand unknown plants are noticed by me. 

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