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FMQ 448 Who Creates Your Reality

Who Creates Your Reality If it isn’t you – Then who? We hear so often that we, YOU, create your reality but id that really the case? Can you really create your own reality? That’s what this 5-minute quickie episode is about, a simple muse at first to consider all the possibilities and maybe a…

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#395 How To deal With Being Attacked Part 2

In this episode, you’ll learn:

How to identify the visual or auditory triggers that set you off.
The steps to use the Swish Pattern to replace negative reactions with positive ones.
How to practice this technique to make it a natural response in your daily life.

Follow along and practice with me, and soon you’ll find yourself reacting in a way that is healthier and more beneficial for you and those around you.

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#394 How To Deal With Being Attacked – Part 1

n this episode, we dive into the mechanisms our unconscious mind uses to protect us from feeling hurt or guilty. Often, these protective reactions are triggered and lead to unnecessary conflict. I’ll introduce two powerful processes to help you change these triggered reactions and respond more appropriately.

In this first part I dive into the what and the why and all things south and end up with one process that really can have a huge impact on resolving this issue. The process is all about training your unconscious mind to hear and see what’s really happening and responding in the the most appropriate way and not just straight int Fight mode.

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FMQ 447 Can You, Do You Keep A Secret?

Maybe something you hear that creates an idea in your head do you share that with others too?

Come with me for a few minutes and I’ll share a simple metaphor that might make us all think differently about sharing.

And of course maybe you would share this episode so others will get it too  ‘O)

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#393 Victory Speech and A View From The Balcony

This episode is about how to achieve success.

Sometimes I hear something and go YES! Someone’s using the thing I was also taught because it works.

And this episode is developed from listening to master negotiator William Ure and how what he said could be used to create change at the belief, emotional and behavior levels.

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FMQ 446 If You’re Struggling or Lost

I was reminded of something so important if you’re struggling or feeling lost by my middle son Luke. I caught him on  a reel in Instagram sharing this message

It won’t last, this feeling will not last

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#392 Feel Good and Getting Better

If you would, come follow me on this little dive of of discovery of how we can create a practice of celebrating who and where we are and being curious of what’s to come.

It’s really not how fast. It’s enjoying how good and getting better.

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FMQ 445 My Reminder To You

Over the years I, and you, have learned a lot and on the most part I think we use that learning unconsciously but every now and then I get a reminder from a podcast, a video, a book or what someone might say and I go “I bloody know that!!!! why aren’t I doing it? Doh!!!”

So this short muse is just that – a reminder to check that we’re using all the skills we have learned to move to the next level.

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#391 Reviewing The Past To Move Forward

Think about it – when you look back at your own life, what do you see? Moments of triumph, sure, but also those stumbles and falls. And guess what? Both are equally valuable. Those victories? They remind you of your strengths and capabilities. Those mistakes? They’re not failures; they’re lessons in disguise, packed with insights about what to avoid and how to navigate obstacles more effectively.

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FMQ 444 Just One More Equals Success

To be the best version of ourselves we know we need to stretch ourselves every day but, and I don’t like buts, too much leads to overwhelm and giving up that’s why ‘JUST ONE MORE’ works.

This is a short 5-minute muse to remind ourselves it’s not how much but how consistent we are gets results

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