MaD WoRld – MHAW

I would love it if you could spare a few minutes to listen and consider the content

Have You Experienced a Dripping Tap?

I know this all seems obscure, maybe silly but there really is a serious message from old Cloughie here/hear

It’s all About Tomorrow

And there will be a hypnosis track to come from it too YAY!

MaD WoRld _ It Is What It Is

How are we going to change that so it means something and motivates us to do something

Free But Extremely Valuable – Let’s Learn

Let’s all learn something we’ve always wanted to but didn’t have the time.

A Rant and A Personal Story

Maybe one day they will have a good look at themselves but I doubt it 🙁

MaD WorLd – ‘Bonky’ Questions

There is, I believe, so much in this episode that it’s a ‘must listen’. I’d probably say that about everyone but this one really is :O)

Hypnosis Bonus – Let Go Into Trance

Go find a comfortable place you will be undisturbed, put on your headphones, close your eyes and………………

MaD WorLd – Real or Imagined

Your unconscious mind doesn’t know what’s real or imagined