FMQ 432 Getting our feet wet and expecting something different

From a recent experience of a client worrying that they didn’t feel the same as the last session – why was that?

That made me think, why would anything we feel be exactly the same as before and let our expectations guide our judgments?

Have you had something similar?

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FMQ 431 Showing Up – More Often

It’s okay to strive to show up and sometimes forget because that’s life and if we can aim to be consistent in learning from those times. Then we will show up more often. We don’t learn from getting down on ourselves but we will if we’re kind to ourselves (and others)

When we do we get to show up more often – well that’s the basis of this 5 minute muse

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FMQ 430 Dealing With The Past – Simply

Dealing With The Past – Simply Let’s take 5 minutes or so to think about memories, those ones from the past – do they really exist, does the past really exist, and if so where? And I know we have been here before, in the past, and that no longer exists – does it And…

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FMQ 429 Who Creates Your Reality

Well ……………………….

Let’s take 5 minutes or so to muse on this and understand how your reality is created and by whom. Come on, sit down for a SPELL and press play and I’ll begin.

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FMQ 428 Turning Pain Into Pleasure

Turning Pain Into Pleasure

Some human beings find it today acceptable to inflict pain to others for gain and we’re the only species that does that.

And my musing in this episode is how can we reverse that in our little world?

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FMQ 427 Review Not Resoluting

So in this 5-Minute Quickie, I give you something to muse (and do) that I think beats NYR’s hands down.

Come with me and let’s muse and notice the difference that I suggest could make in your personal development, which is why you’re here I guess.

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FMQ 426 Feeling Grateful But Differently

Maybe, like me, you get stale in writing out ‘The Act of Gratitude’ in your journal. To me, it can feel repetitive and rote.

So in this 5-minute Quickie, I muse on how can I still notice the things I’m grateful for in a different way and I think you may enjoy and do it too.

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FMQ 425 Rewind To Kindness

A little bit of a personal sharing of a behaviour I am not proud of and want to change.

I think when you listen you may well experience the same emotions and behavior and know it’s consequences if not checked.

And the thing is we know it’s not a good thing to do or be yet we, well me, still do it.

But I found the most simplest way to make amends and recognise the failing and thereby hope we, I, will get it right more than I get it wrong.

What is it Cloughie, this behaviour?!!!

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FMQ 424 How Interesting

It’s about being interested but in what?

That’s what I want you to muse just as I did.


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FMQ 423 Thinking About Thinking

I used to think I thought about things but after a while, I thought about that and decided I didn’t, or if I did I didn’t do it very well.

How well do you think? And could you think better and deeper?

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