FMQ 409 This Is Mine and You Can’t Have It

So often people become so protected with what they know but forget where they got it from in the first place.

And I want to give you an example of why it’s good to share what you know

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FMQ 408 For better or ………….?

What am I talking about?

Well…………….. you will just have to press play and find out

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FMQ 407 Jumping To The Worst and Wrong Conclusion

In  5 minutes let me tell you about an experience that taught me what I know in a way I won’t forget.

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FMQ 406 Just a simple metaphor – or is it?

Something I have borrowed from my son, Joseph.

A lovely metaphor that was created for him, shared with me and used in my trainers’ training.

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FMQ 405 Couldn’t Everybody Use A Little Bit Of Therapy

There are so many great therapists around and you wouldn’t think twice about getting help from a personal trainer in the gym, golf, speaking and, well you fill in the blank.

I see clients change in a couple of hours, and so can you and you deserve to be comfortable in life.

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FMQ 404 I Have To Be Perfect Because I’m Not Good Enough

“If I’m perfect I will not be judged” or “If I’m perfect in what I do I will not be a failure” – “I’M NOT GOOD ENOUGH”

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FMQ 403 A Muse on Hypnosis

I’m often asked why I learned hypnosis and the real truth. I did it for every other reason than helping others – it was all about me and a way into NLP.

That all changed within about 2 hours of the first day of my first training,

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FMQ 402 The Key To Getting Things Done – Good bye Procrastination and Overwhelm

What we do need to do is hide that bloody to-do list. And yes we all have them in one form or another even if it’s only in your head – and that’s the worst place to keep it.

Hide it after we have used it in a special way and make today a success

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FMQ 401 I Am A Loser

just a little while ago I had the inspiration to create a fantastic podcast. I created a wonderful mindmap of notes and stories and when I went to record ………. It’s disappeared.

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FMQ 400 Forget Mind Reading It Doesn’t Work

What are they thinking about me?

Are they talking about me?

And there’s a lot more where those came from, don’t you agree?


I know you have those conversations with yourself, I know I do

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