Episode Transcriptions

FMQ 400 Forget Mind Reading It Doesn’t Work

What are they thinking about me?

Are they talking about me?

And there’s a lot more where those came from, don’t you agree?


I know you have those conversations with yourself, I know I do

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#254 How to really Learn – the Only way to Learn

When you understand this and follow the only way to learn then success will come knocking at your door

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#223 Introducing Jean Walters – Anxiety to Peace

Introducing Jean Walters The Journey from Anxiety to Peace As you know the PDU podcast is a solo-cast but every now and then someone comes along and this time it is Jean Walters (http://www.spiritualtransformation.com) to share her thoughts of moving from anxiety to peace. I love it when someone has a great message and wants…

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# 215 No Regrets

“We rarely regret doing something or something you have done”

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