Longer Pods

#379 Karen Newell – Sacred Acoustics To Reduce Anxiety

In this recording, Karen shares tools to help reduce anxiety and explains how binaural beats can assist in quieting the mind

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#378 A Slap In The Face

The Slap!

The one in the kisser!

And now I understand and am on my way again.

Want to know more? You will have to

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#377 Dealing With Anger PART 2

If you haven’t listened to part 1 it would help you get the best out of this part 2 and guide you to make changes – Anger doesn’t only affect those with it but all those close to them and so will letting go of anger. Do it for yourself and others to get the benefit. win-win-win-win

So come dive in with me and find ways to release anger

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#376 Dealing With Anger PART 1

I have split this between two episodes, so they are just the right size to get it and the work on it. Even if you say to yourself Well I’m not an angry person – you don’t have to be angry all the time to work on it – deal with the snowball before it grows bigger as it slowly rolls down the hill – nip it in the bud.

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#375 Back To The Obvious

I have seen it many times and one example of being brave was when my son, Joseph, went to an NLP seminar to see one of the originators of NLP, and what happened was   …….. You know the thing it’s a podcast and you will have to press play and listen. But it made a lasting impression on me.

Similarly, when I have had my doubts serendipity has stepped in

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#374 Making Space

So whether it’s being able to work with your goals and dreams, problems, decisions, self-work, or anything you want to do well I think this is the dogs’ b’s.      :O)

And we’ll go deep into the things you can do to put yourself into the right state, emotion, in any environment so you can excel anywhere. That means no excuses.

It’s really simple and fun and works like a dream.

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#373 Months of Therapy – Really??

I believe therapy should be quick, easy, and comfortable and I have witnessed so many times I think I’m right. Even if I wasn’t, and I am, it’s the best belief a therapist can have along with ‘my client can do this!’

So what follows is a little Cloughie rant and then suggestions on how therapy can be quick, easy, and comfortable.

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#372 F#ck The Noise

For me, it’s all the noise that deafens our senses and tries to manipulate our thoughts and behaviors.

Is it just me, I plan my week, my days or should I say daze and when I look back over the day I find I missed and sometimes didn’t even think of those things I intended to do. Please say it’s not just you Cloughie. And what do I do when I notice this? I give myself a really good dressing down – How’s that working for me?

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#371 Day Dream Believer

So what are you talking about Cloughie? I hear you ask.

I am talking about deliberate daydreaming, using this natural superpower, this natural phenomenon to create confidence, success, and anything you want. The great thing it’s easy, simple, and takes no time at all or as much time as you like because when you do it the feeling you get is also great!

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#370 Creating The Real You

This episode is inspired by reading ‘The Creative Act’ by Rick Ruben famously from a music background. As I read it (well I am not finished yet) I kept comparing his thoughts on creativity in music to that of personal development, and self-improvement.

The terms of finding our true voice and the privilege of being able to create just resonated with me and I hope I can resonate with you with my comparisons and a process or two.

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