Longer Pods

#287 This Is New

Brand new and will make a life of difference for you.

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#286 It Has To Be A Bit Scary

There’s a massive amount of golden nuggets strewn everywhere so be prepared – it’s really worth listening to more than once.

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#285 Where Does My Anxiety Come From?

I will share with you examples of how your anxiety has snowballed in its intensity and generalized into other areas of your life and by using this natural phenomenon we can generalize the good feelings once it’s gone.

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#284 You Have To Suck First Or Do You?

Come with me in this audio of sharing and if I’m good enough I’ll take you through one way of succeeding at anything and becoming ‘A Master’ with an upper case capital M.

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#283 Do You Want to Feel Empowered?

It also means – No More Excuses, No More Reasons why we didn’t or couldn’t.

It means taking responsibility and ownership.

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#280 An Experiment In Listening – Really Listening

This is not an episode of simply ‘let’s actively listen’.You have probably heard it all before

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#279 Making Change Easy

Then I’ll explain it as best I can just as I would to every one of my clients and when both you and your unconscious mind get it that’s when you set up change to be easy and you expect it.

But I won’t explain it here BECAUSE it’s a PODCAST!   :O)

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