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#313 Self Sabotage – What’s Your Excuse

I’ll go through those excuses I’ve used, and I bet you have used them too, and then dive deeply into how your values can be in conflict, they clash and the result is not finishing what we start however important we think they are and the negative emotions that come along and make us feel bad.

When we learn these WHYS and then the HOW To’s the difference in our life will be immense and we begin living to our potential and that’s one of the core values of this podcast. I want to support you in all that and make a difference.

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#312 A Song To Sing

Come on and press play and let me share my thoughts on where to look and how to start. And the starting is not that big solo in front of everybody, no we’ll start with a hum and then progress from there to where the passion takes us.

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#311 The Secret of Failing At Life

In this episode we will dive deeply into not only what ‘failure’ is – really is – not only how to learn from ‘failure’ but the real HOW TO create a life without failure. Now that really is personal development/improvement

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#310 What’s Next For You? What’s Next For Me?

What’s Next For You? What’s Next For Me? You don’t really know but not knowing is worse than bad Some people think don’t set goals, go with the flow – That’s bad And the thing is there’s always a goal in there somewhere whether you like it or not. At the other end of the…

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#309 Help I’m Being Attacked!

We still have this program inside us trying to protect us from danger. In the past many hundreds, if not thousands of years ago it was totally appropriate and would have saved our lives. But that was then and this is now.
So we need another way – Keeping the intention and changing the behavior.

So in this episode, I share one or two ways that do exactly that and that guide your unconscious mind to keep keeping you safe and let you be comfortable and successful in all that you wish to do.

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#308 Another Way To Put Passion Into Your Life – At Any Age

Another Way To Put Passion Into Your Life – At Any Age That’s right never too old and never too young There’s more to the past was the old title, sometimes we let the memories from the past that had negative emotions dictate what happens in the future and the now. Let’s reverse letting the…

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#307 You Make Me Feel

no one can make anyone feel anything because you CHOOSE the way you feel and that’s a bit of a bummer when you get this. The good thing, when you do get it, you get to choose how you feel and how you react and act and be.

Heavy stuff but also simple, it’s all about taking responsibility and not living in the land of excuses, and reasons because reasons are excuses too.

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#306 When Beliefs Hold You Back

I believe you’ll find this so right and you will be able to change the beliefs that have been holding you back, to self-sabotage and begin to live the life you deserve with all its richness.

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#305 The Secret Of Thinking

When I thought about it I didn’t really know what deep thinking was – do you? And when I found out I hadn’t really been thinking I gave myself a real dressing down – which made me feel worse ( why do we do that to ourselves, I didn’t do it on purpose)

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#304 Hypnosis Frustration to Calm

I thought it would be nice for a change to have just a hypnosis track that is simple in its process of taking us from that feeling of being frustrated to just a sense of I’m ok, I’m calm.

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