#147 Controlling your memories

Controlling your memories

The question is can you? Control a memory that is. I guess it all depends on what or how you define control. For me it’s can I, you, control the effect of a memory on our state – good or bad makes no difference. The answer is a resounding yes but we very rarely do.

The thing about memories is that it depends on the emotional state you are in when you recall a memory because that will have a major effect on how you feel as you recall it. If you think about it if you’re in a really good mood then that old bad memory just doesn’t have the same negative pull as it did when you recalled when you felt a bit down. So even putting yourself in a resourceful state will give you control of that memory.

There are, in fact, a great number of ways that you can effect a memory so in this dive I’ll show you a few to get you curious of what else you can do. If you want more ways then you will have to email me feedback@personaldevelopmentunplugged.com and I’ll do my best to accommodate you just as I did from requests about imposter syndrome and performance anxiety. Although I have loads of ideas of what to talk about I’m really trying to second guess you and what you want and need so give me a few pointers to what you need right now.

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