Month: February 2023

#327 Its Too Hard -I Can’t Do It

This personal development lark is simple yet it takes perseverance, persistence, determination, and consistency, and to get where we want to be it takes us out of our comfort zone, I call it familiar zone, which can be uncomfortable and as I say a grind. But the PRIZE is immeasurable.

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FMQ 386 How To Stop A Craving In Less Than 30 Seconds

Whether you’re trying to stop and quit smoking or want to stop snacking this may be the straw that breaks that annoying bad habit.

All done in a 5-Minute Quickie podcast – Wow!

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#326 You Make Me Angry, Sad, Guilty – You Fill In The Blank

And that truth is NO ONE, you heard it, read it right, no one can make you feel anything! There’s only one person and that person is you and you are deciding to choose the way you feel at any given moment. That’s a bummer! Or is it?

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FMQ 385 How Far Have You Traveled

So come with me for 5 minutes or so to muse and celebrate.

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#325 Do You Want To Find Out What You’re Really Good At

When you understand or have these behaviors brought to our attention you can begin to see how and where your true passions may lay – Such a beautiful thang!

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#324 Lets Change a Behavior Easily

Changing a behavior is hard IF you try to do it consciously or cognitively and very rarely works or stays changed. I will go through ways that would make changing a behavior consciously, and cognitively, a little easier. But still, it takes a lot of effort as with anything consciously or cognitively.

Now as you know Hypnosis and NLP work with the unconscious mind where all behaviors reside so I think this is the place to start – it’s a no-brainer for me!

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FMQ 384 The Real You Not The New You

The real you is and has always been here – just waiting to be discovered and uncovered with all your limitless potential.

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