Month: November 2023

#366 Making Life Richer

let’s see, hear, and feel the richness of the life we live and notice how that expands into all the areas of our life, because it will – As you will often hear me say “You will never know how far the ripples of change will go and they will”

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FMQ No 419 No One Cares So Choose How To Feel

So let’s take five minutes or so just to muse and use it to remember you get to feel how you want to feel and when you don’t it’s an excuse.

No more excuses and be the way you want to be, the YOU you want to be and begin to act as if, I’ll explain when you press play

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#365 I’m Really Not Good Enough

Do you have that old limiting belief of “I’m not good enough”, most of us do somewhere in our lives? And when we begin to understand the positive intention behind that belief and the conflict it’s causing now things tend to change – for the better and that’s where we are going today.

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FMQ 418 One More Thing – One More Time

We can all do ‘Just One More’ and it only has to be one more.

Imagine if in the past you had done one more on something you want to improve

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#364 I Don’t Deserve This

I’m so used to “I’m Not Good Enough” and so many feel that way but this was and is a subtle difference don’t you think?

So I wanted to discover the positive intention behind this limiting belief and I think I got it, well one of them. You’ll have to let me know if you think there are others.


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FMQ 417 Do you Walk and Talk?

Please come with me on this 5-minute quickie to ponder and muse and see where we fall short and make the change to live by and to our values and beliefs.

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#363 Life Has No Meaning Until

It’s a fact, life has no meaning, not to you, not to me, not to anybody.

Now I know that seems an odd thing to say but it’s true until…………..

YOU give it meaning based on your life experiences, values, and beliefs

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FMQ 416 Law of Attraction Update

And before you say well I don’t believe in the Law of Attraction this will still work for you on a biological level.

I heard a snippet in a conversation and thought ah! I can use that to make things even stronger in setting dreams and making them become real. It’s ‘The Feeling of The Wish fulfilled’ and then some.

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