Month: June 2018

FMQ 174 Act like a BLANK (podcast)

Here’s a little, if not a BiG, bit of encouragement to get your goals, dreams and any outcome.

Remember ‘fake it until you make it’? and what’s implied in that title? well here’s a way to be it and make it!

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#101 It’s all about Ooodles! in a podcast

It’s all about Ooodles! in a podcast

Knowing you know more than you know – because you do and when you look back at things you know you will find even more things you didn’t know.

Does that make sense?

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FMQ 173 The what’s in the detail

Let me share a recent bout of overwhelm and how by mixing the big picture and the details together made a massive difference and divert a would be disaster.

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FMQ 172 HELP ME – I’m coming out

Let’s ‘come out’ & ‘Man UP!’ ‘Woman UP!’

What’s that mean? Let me share with you an example of someone who Came Out in a courageous way to encourage others to get help by

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#100 What you’ve learnt is out of date – Really!

Just because you learnt something a little while ago or even a long time ago is it out of date? I’ve heard by a couple of people of late and people I think that should know better – say that it is.

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FMQ 171 Curiously interesting – in others and YOU

Let me share a couple or so more questions that just assist you in staying calm when being put under pressure.
I started out in one direction and during the recording I had a mini ‘Ahha’ moment and took this in a direction

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FMQ 170 What a DICK! – a podcast

Oh dear! I’ve just experienced being a DICK and an Ah Ha moment and I’d like to share with this you.
It all started with a nice early start to my day, a lovely stretching session and with a cup of coffee I began to journal
Then it happened…………………………………..

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#98 Make my day – Successful!

Clint Eastwood gave a choice, well sort of, to “Make my day” and here we are looking to do just that. When you get this it will not only make your day it will make you week, your month, your year

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FMQ 169 A word of encouragement

We talked about your Hero’s Journey (Adventure) #97 and I wanted to give you a further word of encouragement about continuing on your path and disregarding the ‘Nay Sayers’.

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