Month: April 2022

#284 You Have To Suck First Or Do You?

Come with me in this audio of sharing and if I’m good enough I’ll take you through one way of succeeding at anything and becoming ‘A Master’ with an upper case capital M.

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FMQ 363 Leave A Legacy

Let’s have a conversation in 5 minutes to think about this differently which ultimately will create an even bigger legacy

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#283 Do You Want to Feel Empowered?

It also means – No More Excuses, No More Reasons why we didn’t or couldn’t.

It means taking responsibility and ownership.

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#281 I am A Screw-Up

You see it doesn’t matter what people say how good you are or the great achievements you have made in your life if you feel a crew-up, stupid, I don’t belong here, they’ll find me out.

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FMQ 362 Therapy Is Magic and Therapists Are Magicians

Let’s look at the myth and see the reality and where the magic lies (no pun intended)

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#280 An Experiment In Listening – Really Listening

This is not an episode of simply ‘let’s actively listen’.You have probably heard it all before

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