Month: May 2023

Here’s Your New Free Hypnosis Track

I believe that most if not all issues, negative emotions, and their linked behaviors have a root cause and are still here because we haven’t learned from that event so continue with the issue. There’s a bit more involved but it’s the main part of letting the issue go. The place to learn is at the unconscious level hence a little bit of hypnosis.

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#340 Making Affirmations Work When Affirmations Clearly Don’t Work

Recognize any of these ‘Affirmations’?

“If bad things are going to happen they’ll happen to me”

“I don’t belong here”

“They’ll find me out”

“This will never work and I’ll feel like a failure and not good enough”

And there are plenty more where they came from

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FMQ 398 An Ah-Ha That We All Have But Seem To Ignore – Don’t

Sharing someone’s ah-ha moment that I think we could call consider

and what can I do today to make today special? instead of “What a good idea, I’ll do that tomorrow”

Thanks for the reminder, I hope you are reminded too.

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#339 I Always Think The Worst and It’s Brings Me Down

Remember this is not just a knowing or listening experience if you want results and that change in your life it’s all about the doing as well.

Please share all the golden nuggets you find

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FMQ 397 Stepping Stone to Success

Stepping Stone to Success Without overwhelm Have you ever wanted something so much, it’s such a great idea you leap at it, lock stock and barrel, and it begins to overwhelm you. It’s as if it all becomes too much and what seems such a great thing flounders, or more to the point we do?…

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#338 Dreaming – A Waste Of Time Or Is It?

So in this episode, we dive into HOW we take those wishes, those dreams, and make them actualize, become real, and create our reality, the reality we want for ourselves.

Is it important to you to be able to do this? And reap the benefits of creating a wonderfully rich life (it may be the only one you have)?

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#337 Anxiety From A Different Perspective

I really love the simplicity of what I share with you in this episode and I give you the whole process here, right here in the episode – clickbait begone     ‘ O)

So come with me in this delightful rabbit hole of changing the way we feel for the better and then make it a habit.

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FMQ 396 – 30 Seconds To Change Your Life

I have shared in the past the mindful practice of stopping and pausing, at least it’s a mindful practice to me, and the benefits of interrupting your present state and coming back to the moment.

And now I have added one more 30-second step
What is this magical step? Oh my friend this is an audio podcast which means you have to press play

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