Month: June 2023

FMQ 400 Forget Mind Reading It Doesn’t Work

What are they thinking about me?

Are they talking about me?

And there’s a lot more where those came from, don’t you agree?


I know you have those conversations with yourself, I know I do

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#344 Reflections And The Art Of Waiting

It’s often asked, “When you look in the mirror do you see the person you are meant to be?” And that can be a really silly question or a most profound one.

Because in one way you should never see that reflection as there is always a bit more to achieve and experience, to make things even better.

And the thing I ask is “Do you like what you see? ”

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FMQ 399 Something Happened To Me This Morning

I got to see things differently and the things I saw looked different and it made me think what we learn here works

All vague I know but it’s only a five-minute quickie so please listen, consider, act upon it if it resonates, and share

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#343 Loneliness part 1

My first foray into thinking about loneliness and I have approached it from both a therapeutic way and a personal experience. So bear with me as I really haven’t experienced loneliness to a major degree.

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#342 Give Me A Break

So don’t be so hard on yourself that you give up on achieving your dreams and goals – you will regret it if you do and I won’t let that happen if I can help it, help you.

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#341 The Anxiety Of Being Perfect

Nothing can be perfect because we can always go just a little bit better and if you’re a perfectionist that’s a bit of a bummer and goes hand in hand with these:

I’m not good enough

I’m not worthy

They’ll find me out

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