Month: February 2020

#163 The More I Evolve the More Issues I Seem to Notice

Let’s explore this more deeply in the episode and learn how to deal with and use this experience to our advantage.

#162 Making a Difference Despite the Horrors

Please have a listen and see if it moves you to make a difference. Knowing you as I do I think it will.

FMQ 287 Let’s Get Being Proud

Do this every day and you will feel awesome and be making a difference.

#161 When Is Simple Too Simple Or Not

If you follow this line of thought you will see opportunities to make changes in your life, your behaviors and make a real difference.

FMQ 287 A Big Shout Out to Someone Special

A superb Hypnotist and Hypnotherapist and a Professional Magician to boot.

#160 The Elusive Passion -How To Pt2

It’s simple and not too simple = It’s easy if you’re prepared to commit and do.