Month: April 2023

#336 The World Is My Mirror – Oh No!

Are there things or people in your world that make you angry? Maybe resentful? Maybe …. well you fill in the blank.

Do you find you get distracted in your thoughts by these things and the way they make you behave in ways you are not happy with?

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FMQ 395 You’re Not Capable Of Knowing What You Want

I have this theory that no one is intelligent or wise enough to really know what they want


That’s why our goals, dreams, and wishes fall short of what we could and can achieve.


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#335 Don’t Be A Talker

So if you want to let go of your anxiety and move into confidence here is a way that works. To learn and more importantly Do! Take those corresponding actions simply press play and come with me. If you a notebook even better.

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FMQ 394 Life Is A Bottle Of Fizz

From a delightful visual metaphor by the wonderful Joy Frink on FaceBook, I just had to share as best I can here in the 5-Minute Quickie podcast.

Please enjoy, and let the learnings slip in.

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#334 Living A Heart Centered Life with Guest Cris Agafi

So pleased to have another guest bringing a great message and sharing the ‘How To’

You will hear a different perspective that also runs with the thoughts here and intertwines in so many places. And it’s good to hear different viewpoints so we can broaden our understanding and growth.

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FMQ393 Discipline Equals Just One More Day

I didn’t create this, think of it first but it’s such an easy and doable thing to create change in your life and sustain that change.

All In about 5 minutes(well maybe 11), so buckle up for the simple process, because in simplicity there is GENIUS!!!!!

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#333 How To Live A Meaningful Life

This all started with me being obsessed with wasting time and the emotions I had with time.
So please come with me and I’ll explain everything and let’s see if you get what I get. It will be time worth spending, which is part of the point really.

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FMQ 392 An Easy Way To Success

Now, this isn’t a silver bullet to take away all the hard work because if it wasn’t a little uncomfortable everyone would be a raging success. This is, in only 5 or so minutes a strategy to make things as simple, and in simplicity there is genius, and get you the motivation and momentum to get there.

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#332 Creating A Quiet Place In Your Mind

Inspired by a hypnotherapist whose name I forget, together with my real Quiet place. I promise you if you apply your true intention to create a special safe place in your mind this process will not let you down.

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