Month: September 2023

#358 Take 30 Seconds To Change Your Life

So what would it be like if your life could be as good as you could imagine it to be? And what would it be like if you knew how to make that happen?

Let’s find out

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FMQ 411 Science Proves Us Right

Andrew Huberman of Andrew Huberman fame :O) has proved what we talked about 7 years ago and I learned ages before that is that you can change your emotion by changing your behaviour, what you do. Ta Da!

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#357 Woman Up Man Up

I believe wherever you are in experiencing negative emotions, from it just started the other day to I’ve had this all my life, we can find a way to let them go and in a comfortable way. You don’t have to go through loads of pain, all you have to have is the will to do whatever it takes and you have that in abundance.

That’s why I say

It’s never too late

and it’s never too early

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FMQ 410 How I Know You’re Good Enough

Let’s in five minutes look at a way to reframe that belief into something positive.

Come with me and muse

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#356 Never Have To Regret Again

So in this episode, we’ll explore ways to understand and see how we would want to have acted in the past and install that into our future so we don’t keep making the same mistakes over and over again.

You may need a pen and paper to really get this going and when you do REGRET Be Gone!

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FMQ 409 This Is Mine and You Can’t Have It

So often people become so protected with what they know but forget where they got it from in the first place.

And I want to give you an example of why it’s good to share what you know

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#355 Emotional Pain – Hogwash

Emotional pain doesn’t exist – Whoa Cloughie! I hear you think -WHAT!!!!! But I feel the pain of grief, anxiety, fear, and well you fill in the blank.

You have to come with me on this to explore the what and the why I’m saying this because once you get it you get to control it, learn from it, and that not emotional pain disappears.

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FMQ 408 For better or ………….?

What am I talking about?

Well…………….. you will just have to press play and find out

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#354 How To Feel Awesome (or Just Bloomin’ Comfortable) Every Day

How To Feel Awesome (or Just Bloomin’ Comfortable) Every Day Why? Because you can! You will remember the quote “You get what you think about most of the time – Whether you want it or not” We all know that if you wake up in a good mood things just go well and if you…

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