Month: March 2023

FMQ391 Is Anxiety Just A Pattern?

Your anxiety is doing something positive for you even if it doesn’t feel nice. Change the behavior and keep the intention and BOOM! you will find that old anxiety just fades away.

Join me for a 5-Minute QUickie episode of the Personal Unplugged podcast and muse with me   ‘O)

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#330.1 Here Is the Hypnosis Process from #330 Creating A New Positive Mind Set

Just uploaded to the downloadable section of my FREE HYPNOSIS section at

Please enjoy with my best wishes and create the future you deserve


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#331 An Un-Chartered Dive Into Listening – To You

So if you like me are interested in finding ways to communicate with ourselves, our unconscious minds, and get better attuned to getting those previously mentioned intuitive thoughts, epiphanies, or brilliant ideas press play and come into the unchartered waters of this episode.

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FMQ 390 How Do You Listen To Your Unconscious Mind?

We all have different ways to listen inside, for some, it may be meditation, others journaling, and even our hobbies, interests, and physical exercise. What’s yours and how good is it?

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#330 Creating A New Positive Mind Set

Before we start I want to tell you there is a process within this episode and if you choose to follow it please ensure nothing needs your attention (see the note below)

Having got that out of the way, how would you like to have a more positive outlook, inner confidence or a sense of comfort when tackling the ‘STUFF’ we have to do in life and more specifically achieve success in the things you want to have happen in your life, whether that be career, relationships or even this personal development thang?

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FMQ 389 Loneliness – What Is It?

So if you are experiencing loneliness this is for you, if you know someone that is experiencing loneliness this is for you and if you never experienced loneliness this is for you.

It’s only around 5 minutes long and you might just make the difference that makes that difference.

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#329 Oh Dear! What Have You Done?

The thing is we have done so many things in our lives that to consciously remember them all would I guess be overwhelming and I believe our unconscious mind has a recording of them all.

Let’s see how much we, together, can remember the things we have done and learned. What wonderful things have you been able to achieve? Relationships made and may be lost, or things created, mended, given, and received.

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FMQ 388 Dreams Without Goals Leads To Disappointment – Do They?

And here’s the thing – doesn’t a goal without action lead to disappointment and fade away and back to “I wish I’d”?

Come muse with me about what I think is the missing step that means dreams and goals will never lead to disappointment and lead to “I’m so grateful I did ….”

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#328 3 Easy Steps To Stop Others Bringing You Down

So come with me and let me share my thoughts and more importantly the ‘HOW TO’S’ (the bits others forget to share because they either don’t know or want to keep you baited.

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FMQ 387 How Arrogant or Were They Simply Brilliant?

Well I didn’t necessarily change my mind about the person but the message that was different

So what am I talking about in this 5-Minute Quickie podcast?

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