FMQ 441 Learning By Not Copying

Learning By Not Copying

Or Modeling the skills you want to learn

Modeling excellence involves observing and understanding the methods, strategies, and mindset of those who excel in a particular field, and then adapting and applying those insights to your own work or life. It’s about recognizing patterns of success and distilling the essence of what makes someone or something excellent, rather than merely copying their actions without understanding the underlying principles.

When you model excellence, you’re not trying to replicate every detail of what someone else does. Instead, you’re looking to extract the core principles and approaches that lead to success and applying them in your own unique way. This approach allows for creativity and innovation while still benefiting from the wisdom and experience of those who have achieved excellence in your chosen field. By modeling rather than copying, you can develop a deeper understanding of what it takes to excel and tailor it to your own strengths and circumstances.

Lets Muse on this over the next 5 minutes or so and see how we learn what others took years to learn.

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