Month: April 2024

# 388 Taking My Last Breath So We Can Live A Good Life

What would happen if we were to imagine taking our last breath and looking back on what we want to have achieved in that lifetime? And because it’s in our imagination you can do this by imagining everything you want to have done, and experienced – the sight, sounds and feelings of all your dreams having been truly realized.

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FMQ 441 Learning By Not Copying

Lets Muse on this over the next 5 minutes or so and see how we learn what others took years to learn.

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FMQ 440 A Twist To The Act of Gratitude

Sometimes just breaking the pattern ( a pattern interrupt) can make all the difference. And feeling grateful, truly grateful makes all the difference to our lives and what we attract in them.

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#387 I’m Scarred and Imperfect PART 2

In embracing imperfections as opportunities for growth and engaging in the art of self-healing, we empower ourselves to live more authentically, wholeheartedly, and compassionately. As we navigate this journey, may we remember that our scars are not signs of weakness but testaments to our strength and capacity for transformation.

And that’s where we go now – into the process of self-care and that transformation. Buckle up!!!

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#386 I’m Scarred and Imperfect Part 1

I’m Scarred and Imperfect Part 1

Let’s celebrate just how we are and then learn how to we can change to be who we wish to be and have what we wish to have.

We do need to acknowledge where we are in this striving to be the best version of ourselves so we can build on it, start, and continue to build from a firm and stable foundation.

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FMQ 439 Be Careful What You Practice

You might forget what you are practicing and find the results not to your liking.

This little 5-minute FMQ muse was inspired by listening to Denzil Washington correcting a reporter if he practices telling untruths that’s what you will end up doing as a habit.

You see, we often get confused thinking practice makes perfect and it certainly doesn’t.

Also, we have to practice consciously – which we don’t.

All the more reason to be careful if you want the results you dream of

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#385 But I Don’t Know Where To Start

But I Don’t Know Where To Start

We’ve all cried this at one time or another – Or is it just me?
The harsh truth is every reason you give is an excuse or a whiny reason to get us out of doing the thing and in a lot of cases the thing could be just the thing you need to do to make your life GREAT.

So let’s go make a difference and find out what stops you and what will make you start.

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FMQ 438 Hypnosis – What It’s Really Like

I get clients who come to me with deep emotional problems, and some not deep, wanting help but are afraid, scared of what hypnosis feels like. Will be out of control? Will I remember any of it? Will you click your fingers and I’ll be out of it- unconscious?

Valid as those questions are, the facts of what hypnosis or some say trance is so different and is quite the contrary.

Come listen and find out for yourself how

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