Month: December 2023

#371 Day Dream Believer

So what are you talking about Cloughie? I hear you ask.

I am talking about deliberate daydreaming, using this natural superpower, this natural phenomenon to create confidence, success, and anything you want. The great thing it’s easy, simple, and takes no time at all or as much time as you like because when you do it the feeling you get is also great!

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FMQ 424 How Interesting

It’s about being interested but in what?

That’s what I want you to muse just as I did.


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#370 Creating The Real You

This episode is inspired by reading ‘The Creative Act’ by Rick Ruben famously from a music background. As I read it (well I am not finished yet) I kept comparing his thoughts on creativity in music to that of personal development, and self-improvement.

The terms of finding our true voice and the privilege of being able to create just resonated with me and I hope I can resonate with you with my comparisons and a process or two.

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FMQ 423 Thinking About Thinking

I used to think I thought about things but after a while, I thought about that and decided I didn’t, or if I did I didn’t do it very well.

How well do you think? And could you think better and deeper?

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#369 Right Here Right Now – I’m Safe

Past events and memories can and do evoke negative emotions such as anger, fear, hurt, and guilt – you fill in the blank along with their associated limiting beliefs. And we continue to feel them long after they have finished.

We get anxious, worry, panic – you fill in the blank thinking of things that might happen in the future and play wonderous movies in our head of all the bad things that might happen.

In this episode, we’ll look into how to change this

They are all in your head

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FMQ 422 If You Believe Act Like You Do

I was listening to someone who some like and some don’t, Russell Brand and he said something that struck me and, made me think and connect to NLP.

What did he say Cloughie?

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#368 Magical Steps

There are a specific number of magical steps but they are never the same for everyone or specific projects.
I promise I won’t leave you hanging without the How-to, the process, it’s all here.

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FMQ 421 A New Way To Learn Something New

It starts with looking at what you want to learn or improve in a way that you spend less time on it and more time on what you’re good at. I think ‘they’ call it counter-intuitive

So spend the next 5 or so minutes with me and see, hear and feel what you think of this approach

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#367 Getting Better Every Day

For me, personal development is partly striving to be a better me every day, just a bit, bit by bit. This is both a long-term goal and the steps along the way to constantly be the best version of me to find the REAL ME.

And that’s great but we need specificity (Don’t you just love that word?  :O)

Let’s take a look at this thing I’ve termed ‘Wheels and Spokes’

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