Month: February 2024

#379 Karen Newell – Sacred Acoustics To Reduce Anxiety

In this recording, Karen shares tools to help reduce anxiety and explains how binaural beats can assist in quieting the mind

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FMQ 432 Getting our feet wet and expecting something different

From a recent experience of a client worrying that they didn’t feel the same as the last session – why was that?

That made me think, why would anything we feel be exactly the same as before and let our expectations guide our judgments?

Have you had something similar?

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#378 A Slap In The Face

The Slap!

The one in the kisser!

And now I understand and am on my way again.

Want to know more? You will have to

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FMQ 431 Showing Up – More Often

It’s okay to strive to show up and sometimes forget because that’s life and if we can aim to be consistent in learning from those times. Then we will show up more often. We don’t learn from getting down on ourselves but we will if we’re kind to ourselves (and others)

When we do we get to show up more often – well that’s the basis of this 5 minute muse

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FMQ 430 Dealing With The Past – Simply

Dealing With The Past – Simply Let’s take 5 minutes or so to think about memories, those ones from the past – do they really exist, does the past really exist, and if so where? And I know we have been here before, in the past, and that no longer exists – does it And…

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#377 Dealing With Anger PART 2

If you haven’t listened to part 1 it would help you get the best out of this part 2 and guide you to make changes – Anger doesn’t only affect those with it but all those close to them and so will letting go of anger. Do it for yourself and others to get the benefit. win-win-win-win

So come dive in with me and find ways to release anger

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#376 Dealing With Anger PART 1

I have split this between two episodes, so they are just the right size to get it and the work on it. Even if you say to yourself Well I’m not an angry person – you don’t have to be angry all the time to work on it – deal with the snowball before it grows bigger as it slowly rolls down the hill – nip it in the bud.

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