Month: June 2019

#137 Love and appreciation

Come with me to find how even secondary gain, getting things from an issue or problem, eventually will not get you the rewards you want.


How we need to do the very things we want from others.

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FMQ 253 Living to your potential

We go all things ‘faking it until to you make it’ to living your potential. and all in just a few minutes. Can it be done – you bet – and why is all this important.

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FMQ 252 I wonder

Yep I know that’s a little ambiguous but when you listen it will make so much sense
And ……………..
I wonder what wonders you will notice

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#136 Make this a habit

Make this a habit
And as usual it will change your life (for the good if not great)

I was reminded of this topic by a recent client and when I get to it you will go Oh! I do but you’re probably, if you’re like me, in a subtle state of denial.

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FMQ 251 You’re unique – really???

You here this – that you are UNIQUE-  and I guess you dismiss it because well ……. everyone says it but do they mean it or are they just saying it because it sounds nice?

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FMQ 250 Why do we always expect a no

Come with me to dive quickly and deeply to find the simple way(s) to change this and actually get great results. It only takes 15 minutes and 11 seconds in this 5 minute podcast 🙂

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#135 Getting help (mental health)

I wanted to share my thoughts, advice and personal experiences which will, I believe, allay those fears and give you (if you’re suffering) or someone you know who is suffering the encouragement to deal with it and how easy and comfortably you can resolve these issues. When I say issues I mean all issues from addictions, depression, fears, anxiety, social phobia, OCD –  Oh you go fill in the blank  🙂

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FMQ 249 The art of the language of Love

Would you like to know how to find out how to communicate your love for someone in a way they get it, know it, and most importantly


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FMQ 248 A gift – Experience being in the moment

This is pure experiential and not hypnosis because this includes seeing, hearing and feeling (even taste and smell)and literally experiencing  being in the now – this very moment – Awesome

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