Month: November 2020

#210 Taking Intuitive Action On Dreams

Do I? Don’t I?
So come with me and let’s learn and when you do I promise you the results can be spectacular!

FMQ 315 If Only I Get Accepted

“He who waits just waits and waits and …………”

#209 I Got Nothin’

But It’s about to get better!

FMQ 314 I Can’t Be My Best

Enjoy and share and make the world a better place

#208 I’m Not Good Enough PART 2

It’s time to let that belief go

FMQ 313 Good Enough

looking from a different perspective

#207 I’m Not Good Enough – PART 1

This Limiting belief “I’m not good enough” affects everyone

FMQ 312 I’m Leaving Everybody

We have to begin somewhere, why not here?