Month: January 2020

FMQ 276 Give Praise to Succeed

I thought Hey! Here’s something that might be new to learn and share.

#159 Finding Your Elusive Passion pt 1

We’ll aim to find your passion and get set to fire it off as you plan your career, relationships, special relationship and basically anywhere you want it

#158 The How and Effect of Understanding Your Values

What would you do when your fuel is your passion?

Is there anything you couldn’t do when your fuel is passion?

#157 Challenging My Beliefs and Yours

This challenge questioned the very way I work with my clients and have done for years to create massive positive changes in their worlds.

#156 (I) Love Not Being Good Enough

(I) Love Not Being Good Enough

If you’re like me, like so many of my coaching clients, so many of my Hypnotherapy clients and everyone else :O) Not Being good Enough is a limiting belief that stops us doing what we’d love to do.

I find with my clients we can quickly get to the root (cause) of their issue, I don’t treat the effects like so many others do and take a long time, I seem to find this belief ‘I’m Not Good Enough‘ along with a negative emotion more than not.

We also find out the positive intention behind the issue too (unlike many others) and find when we get the unconscious  mind to notice this belief and the accompanying behaviours and emotions are in conflict with the intention we can quickly resolve the whole issue.

But I’ve come to thinking let’s not throw away this old belief too quickly and use it as a powerful empowering part of the solution – Really Cloughie! are you mad?

No, with a little re-framing we have another tool to excel and achieve anything we want and enjoy the process.

Come on, have a listen and I know you will learn so much and start achieving your dreams quicker.

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Shine brightly

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