Month: June 2020

#187 No More Excuses if You want To Feel Different

Come with me down this rabbit hole and discover how to change this and feel differently about the very same things and you will change other areas of your life too! For real :O)

#186 Finding a better way to success

We can always make things a little better. At the core though, I’m thinking, the principles are similar but what are those principles?

#185 A Stretch – Uncomfortable But Not Painful

When you know this and the simple (In simplicity there is genius AE) process I’ll share with you you will be amazed, grow in confidence and success YAY! :O)

#184 I Had An Issue Now It’s Gone

Did you use to be frightened of something, anxious, had OCD or You fill in the blank, and have you stopped?

#183 It’s Your Choice

So whether you have the behavior of anxiety, loneliness, depression, fear, phobia, PTSD, OCD, and the list goes on (you fill in the blank) this will help

#182 The Where and How to Invest in You

This, I believe, is so important and will create the success I want for you.

MaD WorLd – The Right Time To Invest

I want to challenge you to, in the words of David Coggins “be an Uncommon person in a group of Uncommon people” and that rocks and how you do that is your choice  ;O)

#181 Yes There Is A Unicorn

Yes There Is A Unicorn

A longer Personal Development Unplugged Podcast

Yours is probably hiding in plain sight, your Unicorn that is. It’s not that unicorn that those internet ‘so-called’ guru experts try to sell you or tell you that you have to be an entrepreneur. Please don’t get fooled by the BS as they’re only trying to make money by tempting you with a mythical unicorn -with a small ‘u’.

That’s not to say there is anything wrong with being or wanting to be an entrepreneur with your own special Unicorn that is YOU!


That’s not to say there is anything wrong with not wanting to be an entrepreneur with your own special Unicorn that is YOU!

Confused yet? All will be revealed just invest a few minutes to listen to this episode and your golden nugget will appear :O)

When it does please share this episode and email what your Unicorn is

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Shine brightly


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