Month: October 2023

#362 Integrated Healing with Jana Alonso

Every so often someone genuinely approaches and wants to share with me, and you, something they think is of value and are prepared to not only talk the talk but walk it too.

And this episode is one of those rare occasions. Let me present Jana Alonso sharing aspects of her Integrated healing and a process (we love a process here)

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FMQ 415 Easy and Simple Still Takes Effort

It doesn’t matter how simple or easy we make things to get our results if you forget to take action, and effort, it’s never going to happen and that’s a bit sad don’t you think?

It’s a 5-minute muse – Enjoy and share please:

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#361 How To Be The Person You Dream To Be

So let’s look, think, of to control that mind of yours – the pictures you make in your mind, that internal voice, the emotions, and your physiology. And….. Change one and they will all change.

When you do take control you can begin to form in your mind of that person who you want to be and then create that you and enjoy that you.

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FMQ 414 Do This And You Will Not Be Wasting Your Time

A 5-minute quickie to make you think and hopefully take some action. In this episode, it’s not a long time I’m suggesting you use, in fact, it’s time you probably waste anyway!

Even if you do not get massive change, or any change (and I know you will if you do this) it will only have a positive effect.

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#360 Your REAL Super Power

So many people try selling you a new superpower, ADHD, OCD, and the like and it’s all trendy and click-bait.

Everybody is blessed with one SUPERPOWER and although some will try to control yours it’s yours for keeps and is always within your control.

We use it all the time and a lot of the time unknowingly.

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FMQ 413 Shhh You Choose (How YOU Feel)

How can you say that Cloughie????

Well come with me for a real quick five-minute quickie and I’ll explain

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#359 I Know What I Want But I Don’t Know How to Get It

You get the idea and the buzz, and you start thinking “How do I make this happen?” “But I don’t know how” as you begin to think of everything including all that could go wrong and those limiting beliefs begin to kick in.

And we give up worrying about the HOW.

I’m here to share STOP IT! Before you even contemplate the ‘how’ we park it and begin to think of the

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FMQ 412 Finding your LITTLE Shadow

, I think you’ll learn and let go of those minor frustrations that don’t seem to go away.

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