Month: January 2019

FMQ 215 Gift or passion

It’s easy to knock following your passion when you are, following it that is and it’s always easy to sell it and so many do both.

Here’s my thing with it – no one tells you what ‘it’ passion really is and how to really find it or follow it because I think they miss the point.

FMQ 214 Warning – It’s Hidden in the noise – you choose

You need, and I hate saying need, to be super vigilant of hidden messages. Some will use this for their advantage but even the best, the people you respect, can still slide things into your unconscious mind without intending.

#122 No one’s going to die

In this podcast we dive into where our beliefs come from and the effect – especially when they are in conflict with our wants and needs. I’ll share, as usual, my story and an interesting clients story of how limiting beliefs lie beneath the surface yet effect our lives in so many different contexts.

FMQ 213 Five Important words that change your results

Why is this 5 word sentence so important? It changed the life of one man. I belief this sentence helped create his achievement and continues to do so every single day. This man is David Goggins and his story really is remarkable.

FMQ 212 Exciting and Surprising news

This episode was and is a chat, a thinking out loud and a few questions I’d like YOU to answer – if you would

and as I was preparing this recording I got Exciting and Surprising news and here it is:

#121 The secret of a richer life – A PDU podcast

The secret of a richer life

We all have challenges in our life most of which we tend to keep hidden and below the surface and I want to show you that once we bring them to the surface then that life of richness gets even richer.

I know it’s easy to say that you have all the resources you need inside you and it is because it’s true all we need to do is to access them and when you do WOW!!!!

Why don’t we do this? well I’ll tell you why and how to but first –  Let’s explore this and find out how being a little (or a lot) honest with ourselves.

I’ll share some personal challenges that I have that I am working on as examples and as we do here in this Personal Development Unplugged get-together give you solid ways we can work on letting go of the things that are holding us back from a richer life – A richer life in all areas of your life – on the inside and the outside.

You will notice that this podcast is slightly longer than usual and that reflects the detail I go into in the HOW’s and guiding you, I didn’t want to just gloss over this stuff.

You may have to listen to the later half a couple of times as I explain the ways and what you can do but if you do I know you will make massive changes. What I share may on the surface seem too simple and too small but believe me some of the smallest and simplest changes can create the biggest effect. Why make things more difficult and complicated that we need (there’s so many others that do that for their own ego)

If I have not made this clearly please let me know and I’ll do my best to clear up my bad communication at plus any successes you can share too so you can inspire others – that would be great!

Shine brightly


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FMQ 211 Let’s hang on to what we got

I want to share some thoughts of letting go of what we keep on hanging onto. You know those old feelings that we seem to have had for bloomin’ ages.

FMQ 210 Overwhelming rituals -Really?

It’s about modeling how they do these things, the things that work and the deep value of them and if you can get the similar results find ways you CAN incorporate these int YOUR life.

#120 Something different to a NYR

I even give you the old ‘CLOUGHIE GUARANTEE’ that you will be amazed of what you will learn about yourself.