Month: January 2024

FMQ 429 Who Creates Your Reality

Well ……………………….

Let’s take 5 minutes or so to muse on this and understand how your reality is created and by whom. Come on, sit down for a SPELL and press play and I’ll begin.

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#375 Back To The Obvious

I have seen it many times and one example of being brave was when my son, Joseph, went to an NLP seminar to see one of the originators of NLP, and what happened was   …….. You know the thing it’s a podcast and you will have to press play and listen. But it made a lasting impression on me.

Similarly, when I have had my doubts serendipity has stepped in

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FMQ 428 Turning Pain Into Pleasure

Turning Pain Into Pleasure

Some human beings find it today acceptable to inflict pain to others for gain and we’re the only species that does that.

And my musing in this episode is how can we reverse that in our little world?

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#374 Making Space

So whether it’s being able to work with your goals and dreams, problems, decisions, self-work, or anything you want to do well I think this is the dogs’ b’s.      :O)

And we’ll go deep into the things you can do to put yourself into the right state, emotion, in any environment so you can excel anywhere. That means no excuses.

It’s really simple and fun and works like a dream.

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FMQ 427 Review Not Resoluting

So in this 5-Minute Quickie, I give you something to muse (and do) that I think beats NYR’s hands down.

Come with me and let’s muse and notice the difference that I suggest could make in your personal development, which is why you’re here I guess.

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#373 Months of Therapy – Really??

I believe therapy should be quick, easy, and comfortable and I have witnessed so many times I think I’m right. Even if I wasn’t, and I am, it’s the best belief a therapist can have along with ‘my client can do this!’

So what follows is a little Cloughie rant and then suggestions on how therapy can be quick, easy, and comfortable.

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FMQ 426 Feeling Grateful But Differently

Maybe, like me, you get stale in writing out ‘The Act of Gratitude’ in your journal. To me, it can feel repetitive and rote.

So in this 5-minute Quickie, I muse on how can I still notice the things I’m grateful for in a different way and I think you may enjoy and do it too.

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#372 F#ck The Noise

For me, it’s all the noise that deafens our senses and tries to manipulate our thoughts and behaviors.

Is it just me, I plan my week, my days or should I say daze and when I look back over the day I find I missed and sometimes didn’t even think of those things I intended to do. Please say it’s not just you Cloughie. And what do I do when I notice this? I give myself a really good dressing down – How’s that working for me?

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FMQ 425 Rewind To Kindness

A little bit of a personal sharing of a behaviour I am not proud of and want to change.

I think when you listen you may well experience the same emotions and behavior and know it’s consequences if not checked.

And the thing is we know it’s not a good thing to do or be yet we, well me, still do it.

But I found the most simplest way to make amends and recognise the failing and thereby hope we, I, will get it right more than I get it wrong.

What is it Cloughie, this behaviour?!!!

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