Month: November 2019

#152 Having To Be Perfect

And what will happen when your not perfect? Life will just keep getting better  :O)
and that’s what I really want for you

FMQ 281 They’ll never get you down after this

So here I’m taking you through a way to have the state that you want in place of the state that don’t.

FMQ 280 The BS of 1% Improvement

Let’s get in a little deeper and explore how we can achieve this and when we do how sensational the results will be.

# 151 Who’s Goal Is It Anyway

When you find what’s stalling the goals that really are yours I’ll show you one sure way of getting it back on track YAY! and successfully completing ie -YAY! YAY! – that’s a double YAY!

FMQ 279 Advice for a friend

Please listen and if you would, and being the kind person you are, let me know your advice so I can serve you better.

FMQ 278 Seeing Clearly

We need to do something and before we do something we need to do this…….

#150 Something Special – Unconsciously

Today’s the the day I share this with you. In fact this is the very first time I have shared this with anyone in more than 19 years.

FMQ 277 Action ends suffering – doesn’t it?

This a a quick kick up the bum, a reminder or a flash of the bleedin’ obvious :O)

FMQ 276 Are you going to let this de-rail you

I want you to act or even re-act. Move to the cause side of this equation, STOP!