Month: November 2019

FMQ 279 Advice for a friend

Please listen and if you would, and being the kind person you are, let me know your advice so I can serve you better.

FMQ 278 Seeing Clearly

We need to do something and before we do something we need to do this…….

#150 Something Special – Unconsciously

Today’s the the day I share this with you. In fact this is the very first time I have shared this with anyone in more than 19 years.

FMQ 277 Action ends suffering – doesn’t it?

This a a quick kick up the bum, a reminder or a flash of the bleedin’ obvious :O)

FMQ 276 Are you going to let this de-rail you

I want you to act or even re-act. Move to the cause side of this equation, STOP!