Month: April 2020

FMQ 296 Starting To Do Something

Yup! After a lot of painting, painting, and more painting and quite a few MaD WoRld podcasts to help us through this mad time, I have finally started something

#174 The BIG BUT

Enjoy becoming aligned and congruent with who you are and where you’re going

It’s all About Tomorrow

And there will be a hypnosis track to come from it too YAY!

# 173 A Sense of Purpose Hypnotically

Well, that was my thinking this morning after my morning journaling.

FMQ 295 Have A Care

the results could be staggering and feel pretty good too.

MaD WoRld _ It Is What It Is

How are we going to change that so it means something and motivates us to do something

#172 I Wasn’t Sure – It’s Personal – It’s About Loneliness

You can’t be immune to loneliness, there is no vaccine but there is a cure.

FMQ 293 Using the Superpower – Procrastination

Go on, come with me down this FMQ rabbit hole and see where we come out.

FMQ 293 Fear/Anxiety – How’s that working for you?

It’s a simple question if you’re fearful or anxious