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#198 Help Me! – Help Me!

Help Me! – Help Me!

Two words we seldom say or ask and if we did our world would change.

Are we too proud to ask? or would that be a sign of weakness to show others I’m not coping.

Sometimes we can shout out these words but we’re shouting in a whisper with our internal voice.

You see whilst we think we can find the answer, and sometimes we try to fool ourselves but you have to be in a different state that the problem state to find the answer. That’s why you/I need that help.

Maybe if you haven’t someone to ask and that would never let you off the hook or use an excuse there’s always a way. I’ll tell you about my friend Phil who helped me and from my experiences working with people who have gone through that invisible barrier they were hiding behind and have taken the responsibility to seek help. When they do that the change can be so quick and comfortable. that change ripples through every context of their lives.

Come with me and dive into two types of needing help and how to get it and overcome that anxiety or fear that was there and disappears.

This is such a serious subject but that doesn’t mean the answers are hard or difficult, they just need a simple strategy or process and the ‘will to do whatever it takes‘ and that you have in abundance. Come on press play and we’ll be on our way.

I know there’s more than one golden nugget here and I’d love you to share them to your friends and family. They might not show it but they might be whispering with that internal voice “HELP ME!”

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Shine brightly


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