#314 Tall Poppy Syndrome- Are You At The Effect Of It

Do you have the pain of those ‘nay sayers’, those people around you that don’t support you on your personal development hero’s adventure? It may not be everyone but there are a few and they may be family members or one or two from your group of friends. They slowly, in their own way, bring your back to where they are. Slowly sapping your energy and get you to question yourself “who am I to do this for me?” and re-confirming that old negative belief “I’m Not Good Enough”

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#310 What’s Next For You? What’s Next For Me?

What’s Next For You? What’s Next For Me? You don’t really know but not knowing is worse than bad Some people think don’t set goals, go with the flow – That’s bad And the thing is there’s always a goal in there somewhere whether you like it or not. At the other end of the…

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#284 You Have To Suck First Or Do You?

Come with me in this audio of sharing and if I’m good enough I’ll take you through one way of succeeding at anything and becoming ‘A Master’ with an upper case capital M.

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