#168 Why Do I Feel Held Back and Under-achieving

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Why Do I Feel Held Back and Underachieving

This is a personal sharing of being held back and underachieving and maybe it will resonate with you too – in fact I know it will.

But it’s not just a personal sharing, unlike scorned personal development self-styled gurus, this also comes with a ‘How To’ with no financial investment. As with all episodes I want to break down important topics to simple processes we can use, the emphasis on USE. Knowledge without action, you know, is a waste of frigging time,O)

The thing is we can be held back by things we haven’t done, think we ought to have done and have dragged these around with us for ages. Yep, some things will still be important and do need resolving or doing and some just plain aren’t.

We also forget what we have achieved and when I get you to remember them we have a state that will move you YAY!

You really have to be hear and listen with me in this dive of how to re-set yourself on the path of success and overachieve your dreams.

Shine brightly

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