Month: May 2024

#392 Feel Good and Getting Better

If you would, come follow me on this little dive of of discovery of how we can create a practice of celebrating who and where we are and being curious of what’s to come.

It’s really not how fast. It’s enjoying how good and getting better.

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FMQ 445 My Reminder To You

Over the years I, and you, have learned a lot and on the most part I think we use that learning unconsciously but every now and then I get a reminder from a podcast, a video, a book or what someone might say and I go “I bloody know that!!!! why aren’t I doing it? Doh!!!”

So this short muse is just that – a reminder to check that we’re using all the skills we have learned to move to the next level.

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#391 Reviewing The Past To Move Forward

Think about it – when you look back at your own life, what do you see? Moments of triumph, sure, but also those stumbles and falls. And guess what? Both are equally valuable. Those victories? They remind you of your strengths and capabilities. Those mistakes? They’re not failures; they’re lessons in disguise, packed with insights about what to avoid and how to navigate obstacles more effectively.

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FMQ 444 Just One More Equals Success

To be the best version of ourselves we know we need to stretch ourselves every day but, and I don’t like buts, too much leads to overwhelm and giving up that’s why ‘JUST ONE MORE’ works.

This is a short 5-minute muse to remind ourselves it’s not how much but how consistent we are gets results

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#390 Changing Your Attitude To Imposter Syndrome

When you look at things differently the things you look at are different, I love that saying. So if we change the way we look at Imposter syndrome, change our attitude, Imposter syndrome changes too if not disappears.

So by changing our attitude to all of the above would be a good thing – Right? And if we keep your unconscious mind’s positive intention to keep you safe, as well as seeing and feeling differently, that is being competent and confident we should be onto a winner.

Come with me and lets find out how.

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FMQ 443 Making a Habit of Feeling Great

I believe when we cultivate a habit of feeling not just good but GREAT things begin to happen.

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#389 Creating Yours and My Greatest Moments

I over heard someone say “My greatest successes did not come from my greatest successes but from my greatest defeats”

Defeats are inevitable companions. They arrive unexpectedly, challenging our resolve and testing our mettle.
So let’s see and hear, it is a podcast after all, and learn ways we can learn from the results, not failures, we have achieved to make success a way of life.

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FMQ 442 There Is Always Another Day, Hour or Minute

In this 5-minute quickie I want to muse on how we can stop this with another way of thinking that I think, although terribly simple, re-frames everything.
So come with me and press play – let’s muse together

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