#221 I’m Struggling

I’m Struggling

Are You?

It happens to us all, at some time in our lives and that is to struggle with starting, doing, or finishing those things we want to start, do or finish.

I’m currently struggling with doing the things I want to be doing but something seemed to be hampering me and it just feels Ugh!

I wanted to share my personal struggle and the thoughts and actions I had and took. It just might resonate with you, encourage you and share some tools and thoughts.

In fact, I’ve come up with 5 ways, 5 options that sprung to mind. I know there are many more and we’ll probably talk about them later.

If you have some ways that get you over your personal struggles do let me know. You know the email

So what are those 5 ways Cloughie?

Well before you start to work on this the classic STOP and Pause so we can reset our state and intention. WE all know we cannot solve a problem insie the problem – you can’t read the label from inside the jar.

Then what?

Well now you have to come with me to explore these and understand the ‘hows’ because this is a podcast and not a book   :O)

And when you do and you get those golden nuggets I’ve hidden in plain sight please do share this episode and this podcast to all you know, it’s your way you can pay it forward.


Shine and be well


Oh! the ritual book ‘Daily Rituals’ by Mason Currey

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The Transcript – #221 I’m Struggling

Paul  0:08

Hey, it’s a personal development unplugged podcast. And today, we are talking about the thing that happens to us all, especially me. And he’s about struggling, struggling with a project struggling with something you want to do is all about just struggling, and how to stop, how to find ways to get your momentum going to get your motivation going to actually start to achieve the things that you want to do, and you’ve been putting off. So if that’s for you, come and join me, Paul Clough. They said that struggling. He so what we’re back again, you and I, just to have a chat again, I guess. And what I wanted to chat to you about today was I was reflecting because the other day, I did a q&a webinar for my son’s coaching courses. I wanted to talk to those people about struggling because on a personal level, I was beginning to struggle on this third plumbing lockdown. I was struggling a little bit with your own mental health. And one of the things that was affecting me was the things I wanted to do in this period of time when people say you’ve got this is this is right, this is right to get your creativity going. This is right to do all the things you want to do this is get your goal started. And I was finding that I had a severe lack of progress.


Paul  1:48

Have you experienced that?


Paul  1:50

I mean, you being here,


Paul  1:54

personal development, unplugged podcast,


Paul  1:57

I’m guessing, well, I


Paul  1:59

know you’re here to improve yourself self-improvement, learn to do stuff, throw some of the stuff I say away, adapt it, do whatever. But you’re here with an intention to create a better life for you and create a better way of living, I guess the way you feel the way you see things, and the way you achieve and create your dreams. And I was struggling. And I’m wanting to share this. So we’re all working on stuff. I’ve got various projects on various projects in my head and my books. And I’ve also got some things that I want to go back to, and I want to improve upon. Interests I’ve had in the past which I think this is ideal.


Paul  2:50

And the thing is,


Paul  2:53

it’s just really wasn’t, I think it’s starting to move now, because of this thought I had, first of all, the thought about composing or getting some notes ready for this webinar that got my head in order a little bit. And then talking out loud, which always helps By the way, when you talk something through out loud, even to yourself, I won’t do it with you. You just get to teach yourself a little bit better about what you know, and what you don’t know. And then you get some thoughts going. So I took those notes, and I started talking. And basically, what I shared was, things weren’t just happening for me. Some things weren’t going fast enough. Something’s it’s just dormant. And I really wanted to get them moving.


Paul  3:45

And I was thinking,


Paul  3:47

What do I do? Do I know what to do next?  And when I thought about that. I thought, there’s probably a lot of people that don’t know what to do next. Because if I’m struggling, and I’ve got all these plumbing tools inside me, I’ve got all these protocols, these skills that I’ve supposedly learned over the last 20 odd years. And now I’m struggling. So what can I do to share? What can I, what can I do to change the way I’m struggling to into a non-struggle? And what can I do to help you? So I thought about it. I did the webinar, and then I thought again,


Paul  4:20

what can we do?


Paul  4:23

So one of the things I think we need to do first? Well, first of all, I think we just acknowledge and acknowledge the way we’re feeling. We’ll get into real feelings a little bit later because I want to give you, I thought of five little ways of what we can do five little ways and I’m sure there’s loads more, but these five little keys will I think certainly do something to get you moving forward. Certainly, if nothing else to get you to think There are at least five different options. So that’s where we’re going to dissect.  First of all, before those five keys this isn’t one of them, this is what we should, I think always do. Just notice. Just notice what we are feeling, acknowledge it, don’t push it away, if necessary, accept it. I don’t like the word acceptance on when we got any negative feelings around or when we’re not happy with what we’re doing. But acknowledge, it just signifies This is where I am, this is today. This is where I am. This is how I’m feeling. This is, well, what’s the next step? Because that was the very first thing, the first step I thought I was, stop and pause. What if you just stop and pause, you can obviously take that time to acknowledge how you’re feeling. But if you’re in a particularly negative mood as it were, just stopping for a moment, and that’s it, I’m going to stop.


Paul  6:08

I’m going to take a breath.


Paul  6:11

I’m going to pause


Paul  6:14

just like that. That’s a mini pattern interruption. A break state, because you’re breaking your state from where you were to just stopping and going


Paul  6:30

Ah, (breathe)


Paul  6:31

just a breath. Now you might think, well, that’s really, really simple, fluffy, we could do that any time. And absolutely, you could. And you can. Because the whole point of this is how many times you do that, though. I know I wasn’t, I was just going. And I was getting overwhelmed. Basically, it was where my struggle was coming from because I was looking at all the things that weren’t moving as fast as I wanted to. All those things. And I just got that. You know it was like, I could deal with 12345 too much.


Paul  7:07

And then I stopped and paused.


Paul  7:10

And there was light letting as long as not stagnant. That’s the, the part of this metaphor that I have trouble with, you know, when you if you’ve got water, and it’s a bit muddy, and you just stop for a moment. It will just slowly get clearer if you’ve ever got a bottle of apple cider vinegar, which I drink on a daily basis. But it’s always cloudy, and you put it down. And over a period of time. Things just get clearer. Don’t shake it around a little bit. So just stopping and pausing. Will, well, it’ll change things. But then I thought to myself, what can we do differently? stopping and pausing is one thing that is a pattern interruption, is a break state. But I want to, I want to do something even more. So I thought about well, in the NLP communication model, which we’ve talked about quite a few times, you have an event on the outside, you filter it through all your senses. And you also filter it through all your attitudes, your beliefs, your experiences, and you distort it and you delete it and you generalize just to make sense of the world. But here’s the thing. Once it comes inside, you have an internal representation. It’s like the pictures you make in your mind, sometimes you don’t even realize you’re making them. But there’s, they’re there, I was imagining them as being like a little movie screen on my forehead that I can see on the inside, and everything plays out. And it’s got sound, it’s got brilliant sound sometimes, and it’s even got a little voice of mine or other people on the side chipping in, sometimes chipping in and going, yay. And other ones you got Cloughie, what have you done now, that type of thing. You’ve got it, we’ve all got it anyway. So you’ve got this, imagine that at the top, the internal representation. And just below that, if you can imagine, like a little look at one of those DNA patterns coming down intertwined into your state your emotion, because that internal representation that you’ve made from that outside event, filtered it all down, you made that picture. And as that picture comes into, into some type of clarity,


Paul  9:32

it will affect your emotion.


Paul  9:35

You see something


Paul  9:38

your emotion changes that picture is attached to it. So stinking well as interlinked to that. And also that state that emotion is attached in that lovely funny helix curve or a helix chained to your physiology and when you put them all together, you Have a behavior. I thought to myself, and I know this for a fact, you change any one of those three, and the other two have to change too. So if you change the pictures in your mind, your emotions will change which’s obvious. And therefore your physiology will change. These all are flashes of the bleeding obvious.


Paul  10:20

But here’s the thing.


Paul  10:22

We’ve talked about it a few times. And if you go, I can’t remember what it is. But when you go way back into one of the five-minute quickies, we talked about being Superman or imagining your Superman, imagine changing your physical physiology as if you’re walking around with it, invisible capon. And just doing that will change your state. And just doing that with change the way you’re pitching thing, picture your, I want to say that again, picturing things in your mind.


Paul  10:52

So I thought, well,


Paul  10:53

that’s one of the answers, stopping and pausing is one, because you are changing your physiology, and you’re taking a deep breath, that’s going to change your state slightly, and it’s going to just a little bit, redo that internal representation. But here’s the thing, do something different, go for a walk, do something physical. So we start to the bottom of that chain. When in fact, in some ways, having a different behavior through a different physiology, physical, so whether it’s walking, whether it’s meditating, whether it’s having a jog, maybe it’s doing a few press-ups, or sit up or anything, do something physical, because when you do that, your mind goes into different, a different way synaptic gap starts firing all over the place, different chemicals start oozing everywhere. And you start to feel different. And when you start to feel different,


Paul  11:53

that picture changes.


Paul  11:55

And when that picture changes, because you’re in a different state, you can begin to see a different way, you can start to think of a different way you start to, in some ways, just say the things for what they are, because we’ve acknowledged it. And then you can start doing things, doing things in the way that you can say, well, which one’s the most important, look at your values around them and all those different things, but by being in a different state, because you’ve changed your physiology, you’ve had that pattern interrupt you now in a different place. Now, when you’re thinking of when you’re in a different place, you start thinking about what you could do, this is the second part of this. You could also realize that this may be just a plateau. We’ve talked about it before plateaus. Because what happens is we learn to read, reduce, do lots of good stuff. And when things are really going to hell forever, because we’re so excited about this new thing. And we’re learning and doing things and achieving things. And then it’s as if our unconscious mind just stops for a moment and tries to sometimes integrate what we’ve learned, or is just trying to settle down. And sometimes things actually, this is good enough. And we know it isn’t we’ve talked about that. No, that is that old that’ll do, we don’t have that’ll do anymore. That’s that previous podcast we’ve done though, the five-minute quickie that’ll do. Sometimes we just leave things alone. But if we just wait, realizing this is just a plateau. Going, actually, I’m gonna give my unconscious mind time to just like defrag, put things in place, integrate these learnings. And I’m just going to start thinking in a different way of what I want to next, where I want to go, what is my goal? So while you’re letting your unconscious mind, sort through all the things you’ve learned so fast, putting them in order. So you’ve got this lovely springboard, springboard to the next level, the next plateau as it were, you can start putting in those goals as targets. Were here because then you know how. And again, maybe doing that with a little bit of change of your physiology. Because some of the greatest ideas and thoughts come from when you’re just going out for a walk. I was talking to my elder son the other day about a book that we’ve both read about rituals, I can’t remember the name of it, and if I can, I’ll put it in the show notes, show notes, episode notes. I do love the word show notes. But we found both of us as we were reading it. Most people do some really good work. And then they have a break. They go out and do a walk. Most people just walk for half an hour or an hour. I’ll tell you about my walk another day. Such great experiences yesterday, plus another five-minute quickie. Just going out for a walk, allowing things to settle. And suddenly intuition happens because your unconscious mind says, I’m ready, ready to go. So we’ve stopped with paused, I’m just refreshing. Now we’ve stopped, we’ve paused, we’ve taken a breath, we’ve decided to do something completely different and change your physiology to something physical. And then we’ve also just considered, this could be a platter because it was just a plateau, where you can wait from a moment or two a day, half a day. And we’ll just get on with other things waiting for things to settle. That would be awesome. But then you might consider Well, actually, I don’t think it is a plateau.


Paul  15:51



Paul  15:53

I’m really confused about this. And it’s not just a little bit confused, because confusion, again, is on that plateau side, it means your unconscious mind has everything it needs. It just needs to put it in order. Because we always say in our trainings, you know, when you have that state of confusion, it just means that the next part of it, you’re going to just suddenly guess when the aha moments suddenly come with that lovely flash of brilliance, you suddenly get it. And that’s that confusion suddenly changed to truly understand this. And it’s such a big jump, but it’s all inside you. But that big jump feels so wonderful. But the other thing is it might not be confusion, or might be overwhelmed confusion, and it’s putting you putting you off. Or it could be that you’re frustrated about this, I was frustrated, I was getting angry. And what happens is if you get frustrated about one particular area of your life, what happens? Well, it tends to migrate, doesn’t it? We we say here that Delaware got it from us. But we don’t know how far the ripples of change go. And if this is could be negative change and positive change. But we do know they they carry on going so you change in one area of your life, the positive way, everything changes positively. But if you got this negative stuff, you got to be careful that it doesn’t leak out into different contexts. So you know, you’re frustrated about this over here. We’ve all done this and we or is it just me? I’m frustrated over here, somebody says something, and I snap at them. And they maybe in their life, I’ve got something going on and they step snap back and you have an argument and you’re going but when you stop having the odd when you sit back and pause and stop you go What the hell was that about? There was nothing in that at all. But it was created over here so it could be frustration could be anger it could be even a limiting belief which comes with that frustration that anger you know, I just can’t do that maybe you know that imposter Sarah serum? I don’t know where I’m going. I do go where I go. I do I do I do. But that imposter syndrome, Apple get it right coffee. So you could have all those limiting beliefs around that. Which is like intertwined with frustration and anger, maybe sadness, maybe some guilt. You know, I shouldn’t be able to do this. I’m not entitled to this, you know, what, am I? Am I any better than anybody else to learn this? Why am I moving away from and sometimes it can be family things, it’s like the tall poppy syndrome. As your head comes up above the surface, you know, we suddenly either cut ourselves down or other people do too sometimes to hold us back but that’s another thing. But there’s all this stuff going on. Now simple way of doing this and I did it for myself and I did it while I was doing some gardening while I was thinking about this for that webinar. I thought to myself well you know I’m getting a little bit frustrated I’m getting a little bit confused I was confused in the way that I couldn’t work it out and I should be able to we should all over ourselves you know we know when we open the fridge We should eat that healthy stuff but that cake is there, we open the drawer and that biscuit, we know I should take that water biscuit but all that chocolate cookie maybe again, that’s just me and I’m sharing but I was thinking we have a thing in NLP called submodalities, changing submodalities. What the hell’s that fluffy? Well if you’re not into NLP, I do suggest you get into NLP because it’s awesome. But no but and basically, very, very basically, when you think of something you generally like it was in general, generally have a picture of it in your mind and some people think is in their mind, but when Notice it is as if it’s outside of your body. This, you know, when you think of somebody that you love, maybe they’re right in front of you, that picture of them is right in front of you. Maybe is a picture of someone you’re not okay with. Not so much into? Well, you may find them they’re smaller, but over to the left or the, to the right or up there. All these different things when you think of food, and there’s something you really hate. Maybe that’s all right. They’re just over there. And the things you’ve maybe really like, they’re bigger, they’re brighter, and they’re up on the right-hand side. I don’t know, always everything. But just imagine this. What I did was I thought to myself, what is this picture I’m making about this frustration, this feeling confused? And it was,


Paul  20:51

in my mind, just down to the left. And it was quite small. I think that was it because it was so small, and dark. That’s where I couldn’t see clearly if, if you put that metaphor on it, I’m storing it in a place where I can’t see things clearly. But it was there. And I thought to myself, well, what am I not confused about? And I thought, well, I love hypnosis. And by the time this is out, this episode is out, I think I’ll have just gone through 21 years from the day I started on my first ever training and being a master hypnotist, and then carrying on and so loving it. And I’m never confused about it. Sometimes I don’t understand things. And I know that I will, I’ll look even deeper. And I’ll find a way. Because I use the protocols and the mind maps and all those things to understand different processes and see where they come from and what they’re doing and how they’re working. So I’m never really confused about it, I just get more and more curious. And I thought to myself, well, what was the type of picture that I make in my mind when I think of just hypnosis and my love hypnosis. And it was like a panoramic, wrapped around big and bright, no particular picture in mind. But it was just, it was just a lovely


Paul  22:19

wall of


Paul  22:20

color and loveliness and feelings and sounds. And it was just there.


Paul  22:27

And when I thought of that,


Paul  22:30

I felt so good about it.


Paul  22:33

And what we do, when we change submodalities, what we do is we go, Okay, I know the qualities of that place that I really like that thing, I’m not confused about this confusion, okay, I’m just gonna let that disappear out my mind for the moment. I’m gonna remember a thing that I’m confused about, frustrated, about a little bit angry about, maybe have that limiting belief that I really shouldn’t be doing this stuff. I’m not good enough. I don’t deserve it. What you do is, and what I did was, I took that picture. And physically, if you can physically take a picture that is out there. And I pushed it really fast into the area where that massive panorama or panoramic picture was. And I made it panoramic. And I made it the same qualities, the brightness, the feelings are just the same, then the sounds were so clear. And I felt, actually, I’m curious now, if I look at each one of those, I’m sure I can find a way. And it was literally that fast. Where was the frustration? disappeared? I got curious, where was the anger? There’s no anger there now because I was excited a limiting belief of you know, I don’t deserve any of that. That went on. Because I just knew the belief was, something’s gonna come out this is number three, that’s a massive one. And all you’re doing is changing the pictures in your mind. And what do we say when we did that’s stopping and pausing. If you change the pictures in your mind, your state changes, your physiology changes, and your behaviors change. And my dad is awesome. It’s a lovely process. So that’s changing your submodalities, changing the pictures in your mind, or outside your mind as they were, you might have to rewind that and go through but effectively, just to recap what you’re doing. Where What am I thinking about? that’s causing me frustration and anger? And when I think about that, do I have a picture? And where is it? Oh, it’s over there. What are the qualities? Oh, it’s small, as big as dark. There’s not much sound there. feels a bit angry, feel a bit frustrated, whatever it is for you. And there’s a little belief and they’re going whatever it is. And then you go Okay, what am I not confused about what I have what what do I have complete clarity To know, what the quality is of that picture, or do I have a picture? And if I did, while the qualities and you know is its location, its size, and he sounds attached to it, whether it’s a still picture, movie pictures of black and white, all those different things, because you’ll notice that in an instant, and one of the things that go with it, one of the beliefs go with it. And then what you do is you take that small picture and flap as quick as you can you, in your mind, you put it up there and you staple it, you fix it, you just say to your unconscious mind, what can I learn from this, but because it’s so different, it’s so good, it stays there.


Paul  25:37

Awesome process.


Paul  25:39

What I can do, if you wish, I can go through that in more detail. But this is way simpler. But I would love to do an episode maybe on just changing submodalities, the way you see the world literally, or how you remember people think of people, I use that process so many times for either grief or people who have come out of relationships and still have that negative attachment to their ex. And every time they think of that person, they get those really bad feelings and it stops them from moving on to different relationships. So maybe that’s something you’d like. Let me know by email, the old email is and the old and the new and everything else. Feedback at personal development. unplugged.com do that. Let me know. Oh, yes, Paul, I’d love to hear that thing about letting go of exes and things like that. Go through it. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. Anyway, that was number three. What’s number four Paul? Well, number four is sometimes if you just think of counterexamples, when you’ve been confused about something or whether you do something you haven’t made progress on. And then you did, or stuff that you just made progress on. It was good, it was safe, it was comfortable, and you got your results. And as you think of those, again, you might have pictures in your mind that might help you to change those pitches from number three, you know, I’ve called it hashtag number three, one of those key three, we’ll call it. But just giving yourself counterexamples of when you’ve been able to, to get through a feeling of confusion or not, things not happening fast enough for you, as it were for me. Or if you don’t know what to do next at times when you had that issue and you did it you got through it. Because then you start to imagine what it felt like. And you start thinking, Oh,


Paul  27:44

that’s the one


Paul  27:46

that felt, what did I believe in myself? Maybe it seems like Well, there’s always a way I’ll find it, you think to yourself, and the thing is when you think to yourself, guess who’s listening in and guess who’s always, always, always, and this is not a generality. This is a fact, who is always listening in to your inner dialogue and looking at the pictures in your mind and feeling those feelings. It’s your unconscious mind. So as soon as you start remembering, you’re going to have that internal representation that picture in your mind, you’re going to generate the feelings. You’re also going to generate that physiology, just by thinking about times in the past the counterexamples are the complete opposite. your unconscious mind, you can even say, you know, compare the two, what would be better? How can I use this? To get over this, this the way I’m feeling right now to get what I want because here’s what I want you to start thinking about it. Now what you can do, as you do this, you get that you think of that counterexample? What did it feel like? Maybe it felt exciting. Maybe it felt pretty termination, maybe there was some confidence that whichever it was just think about it for the moment. And then


Paul  29:12

take that old feeling and


Paul  29:15

not take it anywhere actually just not good communication clubs. Become aware of that negative feeling that you’ve got.


Paul  29:27

I want you to notice


Paul  29:30

which way it turns which way it spins because every feeling spins in a direction, whether it’s clockwise counter-clockwise, or it will always move in a circle. Because they do and when it stops moving and you don’t feel it anymore. And another feeling will come in and that will be in another place in your physiology. And that will start spinning and it takes over and that’s a new feeling.


Paul  29:55

Now here we go.


Paul  29:58

What would happen I’ll tell you what happens and I’m To show you what happens. But just think about this because I like asking questions because when I ask you a question, I’m really asking your unconscious mind to listen to. And imagine and consider what would happen if you knowing that the direction of spin from your negative feelings, that limiting belief what would happen if you understood what color it was, and slowed down that spin. So it got slower and slower and then stopped. Just consider what you think might happen. The feeling would die down. And then what would happen if, say, you were to begin to spin it in the opposite direction,


Paul  30:53

and give it the color that represents


Paul  30:58

the color of that counterexample that you found the feelings of that counterexample. So maybe it was confidence? What color would confidence be? Maybe it was that excitement, what color with excitement, and actually make it into that color. So it’s now spinning in the opposite direction, with the color and all the qualities of the outfit, guess what happens? Well, you just start to feel so much more positive. And then when you’re spinning in that direction, with that color, feeling that way, believing differently, then you look at that thing that you want to do or change or you’ve been stuck on, you’ll be able to find inspiration to do something different. Now, if you want to know more about that one, I’ve actually done a podcast on it. And you have to go all the way back to hashtag 94. It’s called let’s get rid of those. Let’s get rid of fear. Now, you’ve already got that. It’s also in one of my I go into a lot deeper on one of my programs on I think it’s a confidence program. Not sure if it’s a confidence or the actual release of your anxiety program, and they’re on pull club online, I just decided to have a look at that because it’s all changed. In the front part, you find everything on the front page now. And also, there’s that free download to just getting what reducing if you don’t get rid of your anxiety, it will bring it down by such a colossal amount. And it’s a 15-minute hypnosis. Let’s have a look at that. It’s free by the way. Go to paulcloughonline.com. And you’ll see everything it is awesome. Anyway,


Paul  32:38

what else can you do? Because we don’t for


Paul  32:42

a bit you can’t remember them all. But guess what? I will recap. Anyway, number five. On this one is such as again, these are all simple. All you have to do is do it. And that’s the thing if you’re just gonna sit here and I’ve done it as well. I’ve sat and listened to something. So what a great thing to do. Oh, I spit simple, though. But did I do it? And now about it? Oh, yeah. Even sometimes like, Well, I know that. And then the little voice on my shoulder goes, Yeah, but Cloughie? Are you doing it? Knowing and doing two different things. Knowing and doing is the thing, then you start to get your mastery


Paul  33:26

anyway. But here’s the thing.


Paul  33:31

If you just sit back and just review as it were, how far have you come on that particular project? Maybe go back even before that project was even conceived in your mind? Where were you then? What were your skills? What was your understanding? What were the beliefs that you had about yourself? Where are you now? How far have you come? How much have you learned? How has it affected your life in the positive?


Paul  34:10

And as you start to think of that, you get a feeling of gratitude. I


Paul  34:16

can’t help but get feeling grateful for all the things that have happened to you. And the thing about this is who was responsible for that? You were no one else. No one made you do anything. And it was a push to in the room or put the earphones on or gave you that book. You still had to take responsibility. I’d say that again. You still had to take responsibility for carrying out those actions and doing it. So be grateful for you and your resilience, your determination, your curiosity, your skill of learning. Doesn’t matter. Whatever speed it was. Look how fast You have come. And when you get that feeling of gratitude, you might say to yourself, well, I’ve come a long way, what can I learn from this? And as I think about one, what I can learn from all the steps I’ve made along the way,


Paul  35:19



Paul  35:22

think back to those plateaus.


Paul  35:25

maybe think about those times when you suddenly add that had that aha moment, from confusion to pure clarity. You could start to think, well, what can I learn from this? And as I think about, what can I learn? What could you learn from this at the conscious and unconscious level? speaking to the unconscious mind, what can you learn from this. And as you do that, just begin to get curious about what would be a better emotion to have right now, what would be a better belief to attach to the emotion.


Paul  36:13

And then


Paul  36:16

thinking about pictures that we make in our mind, what would happen, knowing now bringing to mind what you really want, as an end, a goal, that aim in mind,


Paul  36:32

if you were to just stop,


Paul  36:35

make sure you have nothing that needs your attention right now. Because you can stop and close your eyes. So if you did, anything that needs your attention, do not do this. But you can just close your eyes and begin to see yourself over there. Tackling the issue, getting curious learning, accessing everything you have ever known consciously and unconsciously. Imagine what it’d be like for that you over there with your unconscious mind accessing everything that you’ve known, forgotten, remembered, and remembered. And having access to those skills, behaviors, positive emotions, positive and supporting beliefs, the values or the experiences of the past or condensed into you getting that result. Notice how good that you have that feels. Then, as you really just, just notice how they won’t. And then moving, you can have that connection with them. Whether you see in 2020 vision or just aware that they’re there, that doesn’t matter. Anywhere in that spectrum is perfect. Just notice how you feel about them, that you over there, achieving that goal going through the steps, yeah, maybe a little trip up, navigate, but seeing them overcome. Going through their individual hero’s journey on this individual project this thing. And notice them beginning to succeed and how it affects them. Maybe they’re beginning to think of all the opportunities that this is going to bring to them. And as you do that, maybe begin to welcome them into you and merge and allow the learnings to really and fully integrate within you just know this or something better. As you do that just for a moment. And it’s only for a moment. Imagine your timeline of the future that stretches way out there. Imagine it to begin to turn slightly down just a little bit. Not Alone. jars below horizontal, just maybe one degree, begin to feel how easy it is to travel along your future timeline just for a moment. So you begin to get that momentum. That momentum. So you begin to use all these skills all these learnings that wonderful ton of representation, your emotions, physiology, and it all begins to get so excited. That begins to get a little faster, a little faster. And as you imagine the feeling of that momentum, you can bring that timeline and put it back to where it should be, or where, where it feels more, most comfortable. But keep that feeling of that moment. Maybe your unconscious mind can attach it now, to all those learnings, all those skills. Knowing what you want, understanding why you want it to walk your value. And as you do that, just open your eyes. And notice as you open your eyes, there’s a big breath. Ah, everyone looks at it. In fact, just put your hands up in the air and shout, yay, coffee. The personal unplugged podcast is awesome and really loud. But you didn’t update it, I wouldn’t know what I get, I think, I don’t know. That’s a lovely way of going through those confidence or negative things where you just do things that are completely weird. And you go through that little fear factor. Anyway, that would have been good. Anyway, there we go. So there are five keys. So far, I think there was five Can you remember them


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