act as if

FMQ 347 The Amateur or Professional You

The Amateur or Professional You And It’s Your Choice Another 5-Minute Quickie podcast episode to get you thinking Are you an Amateur or Professional in everything you do? You see you don’t have to be paid for what you do to act professional and when you do act ‘As If’ you were a professional everything…

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#234 Finding Your Super Power

You might think I’m ‘Bigging’ this up and I am but not for me but to see you take great leaps in your personal development.

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FMQ 180 Dooo beee Doooo

So I wanted to give you a way, not the only way, of acting As If but not ‘acting’ – being you AS IF because that would be faking.

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FMQ 174 Act like a BLANK (podcast)

Here’s a little, if not a BiG, bit of encouragement to get your goals, dreams and any outcome.

Remember ‘fake it until you make it’? and what’s implied in that title? well here’s a way to be it and make it!

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