# 388 Taking My Last Breath So We Can Live A Good Life

Taking My Last Breath

So We Can Live A Good Life

If it’s possible that we have only one life on this little old planet Earth what a waste to waste any of that time.

Knowing you’re here, I’m guessing you will feel the same as me too.


What would happen if we were to imagine going to the end of our time line of the future and taking our last breath and look back on what we want to have achieved in that life time? And because it’s in our imagination you can do this imagining everything you want to have done, experienced – the sight, sounds and feelings of all your dreams having been truly realized. Oh! and probably a bit more because you can   :O)

And it’s how we can take notice of those reminders and Ah-Ha moments that will guide us to fulfill this life with amazing times.

Please come with me, it’s not the longest of episodes, and I think we’ll make a difference that makes the difference to a life well lived.

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And the transcript WARNING if you’re a lover of the written word this may make you frustrated, or angry – you have been warned – is it an ‘ism

This podcast is all about your unconscious mind


Hey, this podcast, what’s important about this episode? It’s all about your unconscious mind. Keep reminding you, keep reminding you what’s important. How to stretch and be your best self. So we don’t waste a heartbeat, a moment, a minute, an hour. We just make our life rich and, and enjoyable so we can look back at this life and go, it’s a bloody good one. Now I think that might be important. So have a listen to this just after the next 15 seconds, okay

Personal development is a continual creation, isn’t it

Hey, we’ve got, well, a bit of exploring of a sort in this longer podcast. And the thing is, it’s about the recurring aha’s. and what does that mean? Well, why is this going to be important anyway? Let’s do the important thing first, because this is why it’s important. Personal development. You’re here, you’re here to learn and create, I’m going to guess create the best version of yourself. We talk about it so many times and it’s a continual creation, isn’t it? It’s an evolving and the evolution. And we have to stretch, that’s how we do it, don’t we? We have to stretch ourselves and be consistent in that stretch. And we can’t give excuses, can we? We can’t give excuses of it was and blame other people, other things. We’ve talked about that before. We’ve got to be responsible for our own personal development. Take responsibility, be at cause, because when you’re at cause the effects don’t come into it. You create those effects, actually. And for me this is why it’s important to me, I think, I’m not sure, but we may only have one life, this tiny little pinprick in the whole of the, of the universal time that started when and will finish when we may just have one little life. And what a waste it would be just to waste it, wouldn’t it? How bad would that be just to waste this one thing we’ve got, which is us, your conscious mind, your unconscious mind and all the things you can do with both of them. And to me, I don’t know about you, but to me that waste is such a bad thing. And I try to think, why is this really important to me? And I thought, well, I get guilty about wasting time. I get sad. Now, we could call them away from values, couldn’t we? Because I want to get away from guilt, because I don’t want to feel guilty about wasting time, and I don’t want that guilt to cause me to be sad. So I wanted to think about it in a different way. It’s, not the nicest thing, but I wanted to realize if I was on my deathbed, taking me last couple of breaths, hopefully a bloody long time away, but taking my last couple of breaths, would I be happy with the Cloughie that I created? Would I be happy with the things that Cloughie’s done? Would I be happy with the differences I’ve made, made to me, made to my family, my friends, and, beyond you? You’re my friend. Could I be so grateful that I didn’t waste that time? And you have to think about it. How would that make me feel if I knew that I hadn’t? Yeah, I know. Along the way, probably, I know I waste time, and that’s what really gets me, because that’s why I get guilty about it. That’s why I get sad about it, because I just think, well, I’ve only got this one time, but I know if I strive stretch myself, how would it make me feel knowing that I really had done my best, what would I see if I look back over the timeline of my past? What would I see? The things I’ve done, the things I’ve created in me, but the effects of being and stretching to be the best version of myself, what would have happened or, what has happened in that timeline of my past? The time in business, the time helping people in therapy, with hypnosis training, people generally, just hopefully, hopefully I’d be able to say I was kind. I was a of kind man. What things could possibly I hear? What would I have heard along the way and how would that make me feel? I think I’d feel a little bit proud and probably a little bit content as well, saying, well, it, was maybe a little bit hard, but it was enjoyable. And there were some sad times, there’s some guilty times and things like that. But I did my best. I tried to make something and give something back for that. So what would you do? Just take a moment, if you can, and just think, what are the things you would have liked to have done if you were on or taking your last few breaths and you were to look back over your timeline, that ultimate vision, the ultimate vision of you, what led up to it? What are the things that you did, you created, you caused to happen? And just maybe they’ll just pop into your mind every now and again. The things that you did so well. You had to strive for, struggle for sometimes. What did you see? What were the look on other people’s faces? What did you hear? What things did you hear yourself say? Maybe an internal voice, the external voice. What did you hear from other people? And how does it make you feel, looking back, all the things you created, striving to be the ultimate vision of you? And you see that hasn’t happened. That hasn’t happened, not for you, not for me, because I’m still breathing. As an in breath, I have just a little click of the fingers and a tap of my head. I’m still alive and so are you. But when you think about that ultimate vision, what you would like to look back on from that place, what would happen if you wrote that down, the person that you strive to be and created? Because that’s a wonderful ultimate vision. Because if you could write that down, you could better it, couldn’t you? Because now you’ve got something to aim for. And, when we aim for it, I think your unconscious mind, especially when you do it, and as you think about it, you feel so grateful, so good, a life well lived, you could probably go, I wonder what I can learn just from that to make it even better

A few months ago, I was beating myself up for wasting time

And this is where I get this reminder. And, I’ve noticed I get it quite a lot now, because I did have a real problem with time, I really did. A few months ago, I was beating myself up for wasting time and I kept getting this aha moment, simple ahas, Then they just kept repeating and repeating and as if my unconscious mind was trying to re remind me of what I knew. And all it says is, there’s only one source, one source to your ultimate vision. One source every day, one source every hour, one source every breath. And it’s your intention, your positive intention. And when you hold that ultimate vision in your mind’s eye, that’s your intention. And when you do that, it just means then you’re not going to waste time. Because as you find yourself maybe wasting time, I know I do, I will suddenly get a kick up the bum. I’ll get a reminder. No Cloughie, not this. Let’s do something useful, something kind, something good. And I get in so many different variations, different contexts, as it were. I’ll be reminded when I’m journaling. And sometimes I write in my journal, I go, do you know what? I’m really blank. I’ve got nothing to say, nothing to write, nothing. And then all of a sudden, it’s as if my pen starts writing without me, and it re reminds me, so what do you want? What would you like to have? What would you like to expect to happen in your life? How can you build on what you’ve done and to do that? Yes, there’s time for fun, because that’s good, too. Because it’s relaxing. It gives time to everything to settle and enjoy life, because life is to be enjoyed. But also enjoyable stretches. It’s those ideas that come to mind. You go, ah, this is something to spend time on, the puzzle book. And I do sell those. No, I don’t, because you can buy them. They’re all in. The puzzle book is, by the way, in all good bookshops, all good stationaries, because it’s basically a book with plain paper in. You can get them lined. You can go really upmarket and get them with, like, little squares on graph paper. You can get different qualities, but it doesn’t matter, because then you can just think. And, writing is thinking and asking questions and finding answers, and they all seem to come back to the same thing. What is your intention? What is your desire? What do you want to have happen? So now it’s about just knowing that whatever time we’ve got, it’s to use it. I nearly wrote in my notes, don’t waste it. But that’s, you know, when you think about the negative, don’t waste it. All you think about is wasting time. But I’m thinking about now. How can I use this moment? How can I use this time? What am I doing today? What am I doing this morning? And as I do that, holding that ultimate vision of myself, see that person I want to be, strive to be, what would they do in this moment? What thing would they choose to do to create that? Me, you know, just expanding. Expanding and learning to make life richer. And I think that’s a brilliant, brilliant part, to be thinking and just learning and expanding to make our life richer. Because when our life is richer, I know the type of person you are. It means you’ll be creating richer lives for other people as well. And we talk about where I talk about wheels and spokes, wheels being the different areas of my life, and the spokes being the bits that make up those different areas of my life. The context, and that’s what I felt was, this keeps coming back. If you don’t know what to do, pick one and start working on it. And as soon as you find yourself, I’ll catch yourself. I’m talking to myself, by the way, now, not you. Catch myself doing things which aren’t productive, that aren’t going to make a difference. But also there is, remember, there will be joy. This is just not a struggle. This is doing things because I want to do them. I’ve just forgotten I got lost in the rabbit hole. So now then I can, even if nothing else, I can just say, what can I learn? Can I sit down? I’ve got five minutes. Can I sit down and read something that I can experience something different? Maybe I just sit and think. Maybe just see the beauty of the world. Sometimes just stopping and pausing and seeing the beauty of the world can be that one thing that helps you grow because you suddenly realize how beautiful life is, how beautiful nature is, how different nature is. You look round and try to find the same thing. You bloody can’t. Everything is completely unique. Every leaf, every blade of grass, every bit of every tree. Everything is unique. There’s not one identical to another. You might get identical twins, by the way, but generally, you know what I mean? And that’s like you. And I’m thinking, I’m not sure because, you know, taking this responsibility to be a cause, no excuse, accept no excuses. Hold yourself. I’m talking myself again, holding myself to a better level, better standard. I’m thinking maybe I’m going to record a hypnosis track for this, just to get my unconscious mind into the habit, to break the pattern of that doom scrolling and things like that and create the habit of, just being the best version of ourselves. You have to have a think about that. If that’s something you’d like, let me know, because you know, I’ve got all those hypnosis tracks, haven’t I? I’ll tell you about them now.


Paul Cloughie has put his hypnosis tracks on a separate website


So the 90 seconds of hypnosis tracks. Why have I put hypnosis tracks on a separate website? Well, it’s so simple really. I wanted you to have them all in one place so you can look through them all. You can find the particular one you want. I’ve even made them downloadable so you can put them on any of your playing devices that you prefer. You don’t need Wi Fi, you don’t need the itunes or whatever, you can put them anywhere you like. You can even burn them onto disk if you want. Where do you get them? Well, there you go. I told you. It’s paulcluffonline.com podcast. If you’re worried about your email address, please don’t be, because they stay totally safe with me. I only use them to send you out that email and give you access, simple as that. I send you a link, a special link, so you and only you can access those hypnosis tracks, because I want them just for you. And the other thing about this is you’ve taken responsibility. I don’t want to make these open to everyone, just random. You have taken responsibility to listen and be part of this community of personal development. And I want to help you. I want to help you personally to get your dreams, your goals, and therefore I’m giving you these tools, these protocols, these paradigms, whatever you want to call them, but in deep hypnosis. So just enjoy, have more fun than you can stand with. Hypnosis.

Yeah, that was all about my hypnosis tracks. But sometimes when we start to look at stuff and say, I really want to do this, now I know what to do, I’m going to take responsibility for doing it, and you still don’t do it. That’s the time, I think, when we find, if we can find out what’s stopping you, what’s stopping me, this is the bit I’m going to do. This is my own self work. Yeah, self work. As I push myself and I get in that resistance, like a sort of resistance, by feeling a negative emotion, I’m going to search for that limiting belief that surrounds it, because that’s something to work on. Now, it’s your unconscious mind saying, look, there’s something to learn here first, which will allow you to be free. And there’s a reason, there’s a positive intention behind that. Now, if we can get that and understand it and find it a better way, we can understand what our unconscious mind is doing for us, and we’ll grow even, even bigger, better, richer. How do you listen to your unconscious mind to get those aha, moments? What I do if I get in my journal, just so you know, I put a bloody great star, I keep writing, then I put a big star behind it, beside it, and I’ll go back and take it out and just put it on a separate piece of paper, just rewrite it, maybe make a note, keep them together. And I see a pattern. And sometime that pattern, it’s, well, it’s hiding in plain sight. It’s just there. But sometimes we’re distracted and we need that little bit of help. And when we do that, I think you find your unconscious mind gives you more ideas, more aha, moments. It begins to use that reticular activating system that starts to show or focus on the things that match up with your desires, your intentions. It’s like we then start to get lucky. Coincidences just happen by coincidence. Serendipity comes and bops you on the nose with some wonderful things. So don’t beat yourself up. If you’re still struggling to do things and you know they’re the right things to do, but you’re just not being able to do it, what are you going to do? Well, listen to your emotions, because emotions are feeling, but listen to it. Sit quietly, put your attention, your awareness, just into the feeling and ask, what are you trying to do for me? What could I do for you? How is this keeping me safe? Is there a better way? What can I learn from this? You ask those questions with your puzzle book, your pen and paper. You will find wonderful answers. And if you can’t, if you’ve struggled a little bit, you know what to do. You can email me. Say that again more clearly. Cloughie. You can email me@feedbackersonaldevelopmentunplugged.com. And just give me a little bullet point. This is the thing I’m, wanting to do. And this is what I’m struggling. And this is a type of emotion I’m feeling. Maybe you understand the limiting belief, but if you don’t, don’t worry. One of the things of finding that limiting belief, you go into that emotion, you put your awareness there and you just ask, what do I believe about myself when I have this feeling? And you might get something like, I’m not good enough, I’m not worthy, I’m an idiot, I’m stupid. I get those and then I go, okay, well, I know that’s not quite true. So what are you trying to do for me? How are you holding me back from doing this? Because I haven’t got enough maybe competent skills. So now I know to look for them, to learn from, to find somebody to help me. You can email me to get that help, but just sit with those questions and be open to listening, listening with, say, all your senses. Because sometimes it doesn’t come as a word, a sentence, a voice. Sometimes it does, but sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes, like me, it just comes randomly in that journal. But my unconscious mind knows I, want to journal every morning so he can let me know. Then sometimes it might be as a memory suddenly flash into your mind. It might be suddenly a thought that goes, learn this. Look, here’s a book. Take five minutes, have a look. Serendipity calls. So many things we could do. And then we know when we’re taking our last breath, whenever that is not for a long time for both of us. We’ll be able to go, I’m pretty content at that. I’ve done well. I’ve done well. Maybe we can then just say, yeah, I’ve been kind, and it’s been a good life, not a wasted life. It’s been fruitful. It’s been caring and helpful to others, too. Now, wouldn’t that be good? Wouldn’t that be good? So think about the hypnosis. If you’d like a hypnosis track, I’ll produce one. Got some ideas about hypnosis tracks. Now, I’m going to do them slightly differently, so, I might try, try that out on that one I have to see, but let me know if that’s something of interest to you. Also let me know if there’s something that you’re finding a little struggle with, like a little barrier that you can’t quite get through over, around, and I’ll help you with that. And, yeah, that’s it.

The only thing you have to do is a couple of things

The only thing you have to do is a couple of things. Could you share this with somebody by just talking about it in your own words and notice what’s stuck, notice what’s different, maybe because sometimes when you repeat things, you go, ah, I’ve put a different slant on that. And if you do, you have to come back to me and tell me. Well, I thought this came up to mind. Cloughie, what do you think about this? Because I want to know all the different connotations, how this all fits together, and by your experiences, you’ll filter it differently, and I’d love to hear about that. So try sharing it by verbalizing it. If not, try to write it down without listening. Just write it down on that puzzle. But what did I learn from this, this podcast? What did Cloughie say? How can I learn from this and make it even better? Because you can always make it better. That’s what I do when I look and try to model people. What can I learn, and how can I make it better? Let’s see what we can do. Take all their experiences in one go and make it better. There you go. And if you do accidentally press that subscribe button, that would be a good accident, wouldn’t it? You could sit back on your. Taking your last breath. Last breath. Get it right, Cloughie, and go, it’s been a good life, and I did press that subscribe button. See, I can’t even say it properly now. Anyway. Have more fun than you can stand. That’s the thing. You have to do more fun than you can stand. And I’ll be back with the shorter five minute quickie podcasts, things to muse about and longer podcasts. So please enjoy. And again, as I say, have more fun than you can start. Babana warn me you are now leaving the unplugged mind of Paul Clough. It’s time to fly on your own. Be brave, my friend. Personal development unplugged.