#319 Making Life Great – The Antidote To The Pain of New Years Resolutions

The first thing is – I believe neither You nor I know what we want because we’re not that intelligent. We might think we are and you probably think that now but we miss everything in the periphery and all opportunities that would make us feel so much better.

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#311 The Secret of Failing At Life

In this episode we will dive deeply into not only what ‘failure’ is – really is – not only how to learn from ‘failure’ but the real HOW TO create a life without failure. Now that really is personal development/improvement

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#185 A Stretch – Uncomfortable But Not Painful

When you know this and the simple (In simplicity there is genius AE) process I’ll share with you you will be amazed, grow in confidence and success YAY! :O)

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FMQ 258 Self sabotage -Not Again!!!

Self sabotage – Not Again!! I got carried away –  again! Started talking about that subject I really find is just irritating  and how this badge of honour is simply an excuse and not to worn proudly. There are reasons why we ‘sabotage’ ourselves. What are they? Fear of failure Fear of success But let’s…

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FMQ 190 When failure meets success

A five minute podcast – the FMQ (5 minute quickie)

‘The secret of success is not always in the outcome but in the standards of effort’ and there’s examples all over the place that this is so true.

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