Making a Difference

#351 I’m A Peeping Tom

It’s all about looking through windows, that is different perspectives and seeing the world differently and full of opportunities.

Let me tell you two stories one from a little while ago and one just from yesterday.

The first is around a guy called

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#333 How To Live A Meaningful Life

This all started with me being obsessed with wasting time and the emotions I had with time.
So please come with me and I’ll explain everything and let’s see if you get what I get. It will be time worth spending, which is part of the point really.

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FMQ 389 Loneliness – What Is It?

So if you are experiencing loneliness this is for you, if you know someone that is experiencing loneliness this is for you and if you never experienced loneliness this is for you.

It’s only around 5 minutes long and you might just make the difference that makes that difference.

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#308 Another Way To Put Passion Into Your Life – At Any Age

Another Way To Put Passion Into Your Life – At Any Age That’s right never too old and never too young There’s more to the past was the old title, sometimes we let the memories from the past that had negative emotions dictate what happens in the future and the now. Let’s reverse letting the…

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#298 Did You Do Your Best Today?

If you, like me, feel that you waste time doing stuff that doesn’t contribute to doing and being your best this will really resonate.

Just imagine the results you would get and the emotions you would feel regularly when you can honestly say “I did my best”.

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#258 Creating Your Reality – Do You Really

There is a lot of BS spoken about how you create your reality BUT that doesn’t mean it’s BS – or does it?

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#250 3 Steps To End Procrastination

And before you say or think “is this clickbait?” How very dare you!

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#239 Being And Striving From Being Frightened And Scared (explicit)

Being And Striving From Being Frightened And Scared A shortish episode that was sparked into life at 8:24 am and recorded there and then. A number of things came together and I feel I just have to share this with you and maybe you will join me in, because of the things that frighten and…

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#231 I’m Better Than This

In the past when I felt down sometimes I used to leave it, try to ignore it. Did that work? Mostly no. What about you?

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