#209 I Got Nothin’

I Got Nothin’

But It’s about to get better!

I’m going to share some stories of my experiences of when I knew nothing

and then I knew I didn’t know, then I did know, then it just flowed.

Or to explain it in a different way in a question – Is your surface of ignorance growing? It should be – that’s if we believe in shoulds.

Would you like to find the edge of your knowledge, what you know in a subject, and go beyond.

Have you experienced, like me, plateaus where we seem to stall, falter and even sometimes even stop and give up? Here’s where we get to look forward to those times because we’re going to use them as a springboard to success.

I’ll share with you how we learn and how you can learn more and I want to push you, pull you, past that unreal barrier we make up for ourselves and springboard to mastery. Yup, a big claim but I think I’ve got it handled! :O)

If it’s important to you to make your life better, richer in every way possible? Then here’s where we start. Let’s deep dive in the next 45 or so minutes and explore how to make those massive leaps with baby steps.

I’ll even take you through a mini process, a visualization, Imagineering that you can use right now. Using your personal values to create your personal motivation. In effect to FEEL YOUR WHY.

I love doing this ‘stuff’ with you and hear about your successes at feedback@personaldevelopmentunplugged.com 

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Shine brightly


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