FMQ 400 Forget Mind Reading It Doesn’t Work

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Forget Mind Reading It Doesn’t Work

What are they thinking about me?

Are they talking about me?

And there’s a lot more where those came from, don’t you agree?


I know you have those conversations with yourself, I know I do

So let’s take five or so minutes to muse how ridiculous this form of mind reading is and how it has only one conclusion – more negativity

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Transcript of the episode (Well as near as I can get it :O) )

Hey, welcome to the Personal Development Unplugged podcast with me Paul Clough.

And this is an FMQ, a five-minute quickie podcast which never lasts five minutes.

It always goes a little bit longer. But it’s a chance for you and me just to

muse to think of a subject to talk about it for a few minutes and then spend

time thinking. Seeing how it would change our life if we maybe developed it a

little deeper. And maybe sometimes these five-minute quickies will go into a longer

podcast where we can dive deeper and produce processes, hypnosis processes and

NLP processes. Don’t worry about the names. There’s just processes for making

our life and your life absolutely better. Getting rid of anxiety and fear.

All those other hang-ups and issues that we have. I make dreams come into reality quicker, bigger, better than you

ever dream of. But they’re the longer podcast and this is a five-minute quicky where we break down. The complicated into simple because in simplicity there’s genius and that’s what we do here. So if you want to

just think for a while. See what happens. See what resonates inside you. And when it does, you go change the world.

This is personal development unplugged with Paul Clough.

In simplicity there is genius.

Hey you, how are you doing, my friend? And it’s all about sort of mind reading. To be clever? Yeah, you do. And you probably do it when you don’t know that you’re doing it. I’ll give you an example. I’m doing something and there’s a few people around me. And I’m getting a little bit nervous because I think you’re looking at me. I think they’re looking at me.

I don’t really look at them too much. So just in case they are looking at me. But I feel they’re looking at me. And I know what they’re looking at me. And I know what they’re thinking. They’re thinking, oh look at him. Look at him. You can’t do that. What’s he doing there?

Oh, can’t have him here.

We’ll find him out. That’s what we’re going to do.

And even more. And you can even make some pictures in your mind. But you think that they’re making of you.

And you know what? That’s the biggest load of all tosh that you can ever do because you can’t mind me.

But I can mind read better than that though. You see, do you know what they’re actually thinking?

Those people who are looking at me, looking at you? So I tell you what they’re thinking? They’re thinking.

I want you to always think about me. I bet he’s thinking I shouldn’t belong here.

I bet I bet he’s thinking that I’m not good enough.

I shouldn’t be here. Yeah, that’s it. I shouldn’t be here because I’m getting anxious. And he knows I’m anxious. That’s what he’s thinking.

So that’s the biggest load of 12, which I was because they’re thinking, what you’re thinking.

And they’re not thinking about you.

You’re thinking about what I’m about you and they’re thinking about you about them.

So when you’re thinking what are you thinking about me, they’re not at all.

They’re thinking about themselves.

Or about you thinking about them.

And they’re making it up too. And they’re making that as one of the pictures in them. And they’re getting anxious.

They’re getting fearful. They’re getting that old imposter syndrome. I don’t belong here. I’ll get found out.

And you’re doing it all by yourself, believing it’s to be other people’s thoughts. But you’re a mind reader, not.

And the thing is if they did have an opinion about you, guess whose business it isn’t? You’re a system of your business if they have an opinion about you because it’s theirs. They can keep it. They can stuff it.

It’s not making any difference to you, is it? I know my son has just, as I told you before, has this mind mastery group. And they have like a little manifesto. And in one of those things, one of the points of that manifesto is,

it says,

others’ opinions are not about me is not my business.

And that’s exactly right.

They’re none of your business. Because once they were, they found it on,

they’re not found it on anything at all. There’s no data. There are no facts.

They’re just if they do have an opinion. And the thing is, it doesn’t matter, because you can prove by your actions,

how you hold yourself in alignment, in congruency,

love you with congruency, being who you really are, being the best version of you stretching to be an even better, best version of yourself, to be the change you want to see in others, and to show people what’s possible.

And it doesn’t have to be like the supersonic, Olympic gold medalist performance, or the show reels you see on bloody Facebook, But no, show them your best real, in real life. As we call it, really, in real life,

show them the best version of yourself today. And if they have an opinion, it’s not your business, but they have a good opinion. And guess what?

The only thing they’ll be thinking about you is,I wonder what drives them on. I wonder how much they’ve learned.

A wonder, could I be this good as that? But I think I can, because if they can do it, I can do it. You inspire people that way.

Inspire people to, again, stretch to be the best version of yourself, without mind reading the talk, because that mind reading just takes that negative on my life. Just takes your energy. It’s that energy because it means nothing to you.

It’ll then give you anxiety. And it’s anxiety based on nada, nothing. It’s your own fears coming through. Your own worries.

And then where are they? Where are those worries? They’re in your bloody head. They’re not outside. So you just push them away and go, do you know what? What’s better than worry? And that silly form is, I’m just going to access it. My best skills. I’m going to set my intention to be the best version of me. And I love the best version of you. but whatever you do is the best version of that very moment, but when you set your intention to be the best version of you,

Man, I love it.

I could be there with you.

Sitting beside you, you wouldn’t see me. But if you could read my mind,

I’d be going hell yeah.

I love it, I’ll go. They are an inspiration. Yeah, they’re not doing anything special, special, but they’re just doing things special. Because they’re special.

I hope that’s something that you would like to think about over your cup of coffee,

your beer, your tea, your glass of water, sitting where you sit, standing wherever you stand. Just a muse.

And realize those thoughts that I talked about in the beginning of that mind reading, that you can let go of, you let go of even thinking about others’ opinions, and just have your own opinion of yourself.

Your own intention to stretch yourself, to be the best version of you. Because that’s what we’re here for in-person development, unplugged.

And I support you in anywhere I can. And if you do need any help and support, you know what to do, just email me.,

and I’ll bang out on episode for you,

and I’ll send you an email.

I’ll guide you.

and I’ll carry on doing it.

And we can have more fun than you can stand.

And let me know.

I’ll see you real soon.

This was a five-minute quickie,

and it’s time to fly.