#368 Magical Steps


#368 Magical Steps

How many magical steps to create the life you want, to find the real you, to find and follow your passion?

Have a look at YouTube you will find all manner of the correct number of steps which all, if not most, are BS and when you look are ‘Clickbait’.

There are a specific number of magical steps but they are never the same for everyone or specific projects.

I’ll share a true story of how Joseph, My youngest son, and I were given magical steps to create, or better said, increase our NLP and Hypnosis trainings. This has stayed with me and used, and adapted to create other successful outcomes so if that’s of interest listen up!    :O)

And I also believe you are in the best position to take advantage because of your intention to create that life of being the best version of you – You wouldn’t be here if you didn’t.

I promise I won’t leave you hanging without the How-to, the process, it’s all here.

I’d love to hear of your success and sharing those will really allow you to recognize just how far you have come.

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Shine brightly


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The Magical Steps to Achieving Your Goals THE TRANSCIPTION

Be warned if you are a lover of English prose, the written word this may upset you as it’s a direct, unedited transcription – You have been warned :O)

This is the personal development Unplugged podcast where we use hypnosis

Speaker A: Hey, a heads up to this longer podcast. It’s all about the magical number of steps to create change, to create success, to achieve what you want to achieve. And the whole point of this is there are no magical steps other than the ones. I’m not going to tell you what the answer is, because you have to listen. And there’s lovely story that, just shows how we got into this. Okay, have a listen after this.

Speaker A: That’s what this podcast is about.

Speaker B: You and being the best you, you could be, singing from your real voice, aligned with your mission, aligned with your passions.

Speaker A: That’s what it’s about.

Speaker B: So if you’re interested in letting go of anxiety, if you’re interested in letting go of fear, guilt, all those blue in syndromes, impostor syndromes, and every little bit of the mind which is negative, then have a listen here, because we’ve got some wonderful processes and lots of good conversations with, between you and me to get us both thinking in such wonderful ways.

Speaker A: I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.

Speaker B: Just take the chance to have a listen.

Speaker C: This is personal development unplugged with Paul Clough.

People often say there’s a magical number of steps to create change

Speaker C: In simplicity, there is genius. In simplicity, there is genius.

Speaker A: Hey, how we doing? The magical numbers of steps, steps to create change. Now, I’m going to tell you something, and I think I’ve told you before, I don’t believe. Well, I know there is a magical number of steps, but there’s not a magical number that anyone can tell you. There isn’t a formula of X amount of steps. We see it so many times, don’t we, on YouTube and things like that. People professing to give you something in do this, do this one thing, take these three steps and you’ll get whatever you want. And in some ways, yes, they’ve got as, long as they give you those particular steps and you can do it. Yeah, absolutely. Awesome.

Speaker C: But they’re not magical.

Speaker A: The magic is created elsewhere and comes from something elsewhere. And I’ll explain where I think the magic comes from, because I do believe in magical things happening, not as in the unicorns and things, but I do believe, when I see people in my hypnotherapy clinic, when they change, I believe that’s a magical thing to be with. It’s not magic, it’s just a magical place to be.

There is a story I want to share with you about NLP

Speaker C: Now, this story, there’s a story here.

Speaker A: There is a story I want to share with you, a story, because this is a long time ago when my younger son, Joseph, Joseph Clough, funny enough, same surname, and myself, we were just starting to do. We’d done a number of NLP trainings, and I think we were getting to the point where we thought to ourselves, we need some help. we need to ramp this up. And to be fair, we were, I believe, good at doing the trainings, but we just didn’t have the know how. So what do you do? You get a coach.

Speaker C: You get a coach.

Speaker A: And we found this guy, Guy called Nick James. He’s a lovely lad. He really is a lovely lad. And he was in the Midlands and we were down in Cambridge and he came and saw us and talked to us and brought a few things really home to us. Not hard. They were hard hitting a little bit because of the things that we were doing. Well, the things we were not doing and even the things that we knew and maybe should have been doing, but we just weren’t there. And Nick came along and gave us some magical steps. Not a magical number, but gave us some magical steps. Now, what are those steps? Well, that’s for later. You see, as I said, the ten steps, 9876. That’s all Bs.

Cloughy believes we can all create the change we want

Speaker A: Because I believe, truly, truly, truly believe we can all create the change we want and we can all create change. SOme of it we do quite just by accident. And that could be a negative change or a positive change. Things can happen to us in our lives and we choose to change as a reaction to that event. But, what I’m trying to go with this episode is how can you create something that you want to create? And you see, the thing is, I believe that you are, more able. You’re in a better position to create the change that you want. Now, why would you say that? Cluffy. I’m not blowing smoke up your. What’s it. Why do I believe that? Because you’re here. You’re here on this, like, hero’s adventure, hero’s journey. You’re seeking personal development and you’re trying to do better for yourself. Now, when you have that intention. That’s where I think that’s where the magic starts to get ignited. So you’re here. So you are already on one of those steps. The steps I don’t tell you about setting intention and the only magical steps or the number of steps which will definitely work come from somewhere else. They don’t come from me, they don’t come from anybody else. They’ll be guides, help you steer the bus. But the only steps that really work are the ones that you choose. Oh, bugger Cloughy. I thought you’re just going to give me what to do now.

Speaker C: I am.

Speaker A: But you have to choose to do them and choose to make sure they work for you. And I’m not going to give you.

Speaker C: The steps, but I will give you a formula to create those steps.

Speaker A: But the thing is, as I say, the magical steps are the ones that you choose. And if you choose wisely, my friend, then change happens. You get to that next level, you get those rich rewards and then you move on even more. So maybe it’s a project for like Joseph and I. Our project in effect was to find people to come on our training so we could share NLP master practitioner, NLP hypnosis, all those things. Timeline therapy. But the thing is, when Nick came, he reminded us, reminded us, remembered things we know because he would say like.

Speaker C: Well, what do you want me to do?

Speaker A: What do you want from me? And we would just Say things like, well, we want more trainings.

Speaker C: And he goes what?

Speaker A: 100 more, 200 more, 800 more? We go, no, that’s silly. He said, a little slap in our face. He said, your NLP trainers get specific. So what do you want from me? What’s the specific goal that you’re trying to achieve? And let’s see if I can help you. So we said our specific goal is in one year we want X amount of practitioners, we want X amount of master Practitioner trainings and maybe a master class or two. So I go, that’s better, that’s better. Still didn’t give us any steps. He said, now I’ve got an idea. But well, first of all, just saying.

Speaker C: Even when you get specific, will that.

Speaker A: Work in a year? So you really have to make a timeline. And Nick took us through a timeline because the timeline wasn’t just, well, I want a practitioner in, say, March and then another one in June and another one in October. We had to put those dates down. We had to forecast when we felt it would be a good time to do it for people outside, holidays and things like that put those times down. But then you go, how many weeks.

Speaker C: Do, does the presudy take?

Speaker A: Oh, well, that’s about five or six weeks. Okay. So before the date, you have to come back. Five or six weeks.

Speaker C: That’s the time they’ve got to sign on. Yeah, that’s right.

Speaker A: Well, before that, you’ve got to interest them. You’ve got to do this. And he took us through. We did videos, you see, he took us through a lovely, step by step. So let’s think of a, video just to show yourselves who you are. And let’s get an example of what people might learn. Let’s go through that. And each video had to be timed, had to be timed with an audience because it was like a release. And then we had to review what we’d done. And he basically came back to it.

Speaker C: Said, you have to look while you have. We’re going to generate these steps.

Speaker A: You’re going to have to look every day.

Speaker C: Every day.

Speaker A: Every day says, Nick, that what you do today, is it moving you towards your target. If it’s X amount of money that will be generated from this, you have.

Speaker C: To look at every day being 1300 and pieces of that annual income.

Speaker A: And every day has to be accountable. So you have to be doing something towards it in accordance with this plan. So he said, okay, here’s what we’re going to do. We’ve got some dates.

Speaker C: They’re going to work.

Speaker A: We’ve got a series of videos. Let’s put them on the timeline. And we were looking at them. We go, well, is that all going to fit in? Because he had some other ideas. And he said, actually, that’s not us. And the really nice thing was he said, well, that’s what I’m telling you. But I see you’re genuine and I want to.

What we did was we had a timeline. And we just worked it out on paper

Speaker A: We’ll change. We’ll massage it. Because it had to be something that we could totally buy in. We didn’t just want to sell. That’s why we needed help, because we couldn’t sell. We were lucky. He said, you seem to be embarrassed, embarrassed about selling the things you’re sharing. He said, well, you got to get.

Speaker C: Over that bit, but let’s get these.

Speaker A: Videos going once you start working towards the date. So what we did was we had a timeline.

Speaker C: Basically, you work back from the last step of the goal, and then you work back to the next step, the.

Speaker A: Step just before that step. So which step has to happen before the next step can happen? Because you might find when you do that, there’s not sufficient time, to do those steps. And you have to reassess your timeline, or you have to realize you’re going to have to really buckle down in a few cases because you’re going to have fudge time as well.

Speaker C: But each time was what has to.

Speaker A: Happen to allow the next step to happen. And by doing that, you work all the way to the very first step.

Speaker C: Now you’ve got a plan. Now there are more than probably five or six steps.

Speaker A: There’s a lot of steps, because each.

Speaker C: Day, each week there’s a step, and.

Speaker A: There may be multiple steps in those weeks, but you’ve worked them out. You’ve set a time limit to them or an idea of what time is going to take you, so you know.

Speaker C: You can do it. But each step had to be linked to the feeling of that wish fulfilled.

Speaker A: The feeling of having achieved that goal. For us, we would see ourselves in front of a lovely group of practitioners who were really succeeding in the work. And we were enjoying sharing NLP, timeline, therapy, hypnosis. And we were making a difference, they were making a difference. And we saw that. And that was a feeling we took back into each step. And if one of those steps didn’t have that feeling, it was like the step was too big. So you had to make this. Well, maybe if that step’s too big, what’s in the middle between the two?

Speaker D: Ah. Ah.

Speaker A: And we just worked it out on paper. And that was our goal, our guide, as it were. It was our program. Everything had to have the feeling of the wish fulfilled. And they’re the magical number of steps, as I said, they’re the ones that you choose. You choose for the things that you.

Speaker C: Want and you break them down.

Speaker A: And I do suggest, like, ours was very simple in the way that we just wanted so many trainings in a particular year. But we didn’t realize, like, when you model, people don’t realize how many things go through someone’s mind to do a small process. We didn’t realize how many steps we really had to do to get this right, to put out videos, to put out newsletters, to speak to people, to arrange venues. All this stuff had to be done. There was only the two of us. So we had to really get it.

Speaker C: Finite and work together.

Speaker A: I’m going to tell you what the result is shortly. But the thing is, we also employed so many different things that we did know. Things like the five keys to success. Now, I’ve talked about that so many times, and I actually did a real longer podcast that was hashtag three, five, six. The five keys to success.

Speaker C: They’re not steps, by the way. They’re not five steps to success.

Speaker A: They’re five keys to success.

Speaker C: So have a listen to that one.

Speaker A: But it all starts off with knowing your outcome. So you may, not have to have a goal like us. Yours could be in just the personal development. But as I’ve talked before, your personal development being the best version of yourself is divided up into different elements, different roles, different hats, different, I call them wheels and spokes, as I said before. And you pick the important one and then put a timeline to it from the end to the step before to the step before. And if I was doing something like health, I’d have, my ultimate health.

Speaker C: As the big picture, but I wouldn’t.

Speaker A: Be able to do a timeline for.

Speaker C: My ultimate health because that’s never ending, isn’t it? It’s infinite, but it could be.

Speaker A: Well, this is how much I weigh.

Speaker C: And I want to take off X.

Speaker A: Amount of pounds, not the whole difference. I want to reduce my weight by or how increase my fitness. It would be a step, this is a step I can do in a month. Now, what are the steps in that.

Speaker C: Month that I have to take to achieve that goal?

Speaker A: Because each, I just see each goal.

Speaker C: Being part of another goal, and that.

Speaker A: Is being part of another goal. And doing it this way just works.

Speaker C: It also becomes a habit just thinking.

Speaker A: Of things, what we got to do.

Speaker C: Well, what do we really want? How are we going to get there?

Speaker A: When are we going to start?

Do look at that longer podcast. There’s also a hypnosis track with it

Speaker A: How does it going to boom? And then we hold ourselves accountable. So do look at that longer podcast. There’s also a hypnosis track with it. That’s brilliant. Where’d you get them from? Personal?

Speaker C: No.

Speaker A: What is it? It’s Paul Cloughonline. I never, always slash podcast. And you get the hypnosis version of it as well. All these things come together.

Joseph and Nick set up a weekend introductory NLP training for under $50

Speaker A: But what happened?

Speaker C: Let’s go back.

Speaker A: I’m going to recap on this a little bit, but I just want to finish off this. It was an epic, magical time for Joseph and I and Nick, eternally grateful for him.

Speaker C: For him, yeah, well, by him, whatever.

Speaker A: We’re grateful that we met Nick and he could help guide us. What happened? well, we set out this timeline. It was difficult.

Speaker C: We had to put our effort in and we worked hard and we set up what we thought was sort of something impossible.

Speaker A: It was a weekend. It was a weekend introductory. Is it just a weekend seminar we were going to do of which one? And only one portion was going to.

Speaker C: Be an upsell of our trainings. And that’s a bit that Nick had.

Speaker A: A bit of trouble with because he know, I get what you’re doing, boys, but we really got to hit what you want. We go, well, we want to share.

Speaker C: More first to show what, show the.

Speaker A: People who and what we do and how we are as people because we’re going to be training with them.

Speaker C: And he bought into that.

Speaker A: So I was really pleased that he was able to adapt his way of working to make sure our way of working worked with him. That really worked. So we set up this weekend. We hired this bloody great big room. We arranged for people to have sandwiches at lunchtime, which no one did. No one did at those days. This was all included in the price. It was a weekend training and it was under $50 for the whole weekend. And it was a good training. It was a really good training.

Speaker C: A training that since then the cost.

Speaker A: To enter was a lot more. But we put it on for under $50 per person. And we were thinking, if this doesn’t work, we are going to really come a cropper. That’s an English term, come a cropper, which means we’re going to lose money. We’re going to lose all that time that we’ve put into it because you’ve got to think all that time and all the goals that we had in mind for the future of, our NLP trainings.

Speaker C: What happened?

Speaker A: It was a sellout. We filled this bloody great big room. It was amazing.

Speaker C: And because people paid a little bit.

Speaker A: They wanted to be there, but they also wanted quality. And we gave them quality. We enjoyed ourselves, we gave them really good quality and we just, in a short term, in a little bit in the afternoon, on the last afternoon, told people about our NLP trainings. If they’d like to come and join us, there would be no hands up at the back of the room. This type of thing, you’ve got a thinking time, but come and talk to us. What was the result of that? So he had the success of the.

Speaker C: Weekend, but the real success is we.

Speaker A: Filled a whole year of trainings with really nice people and our reputation grew. And I put it all down to getting this magical number of steps, getting someone to guide us, because the right peRson, we didn’t know Nick before, but the right person comes along to guide you when you need it.

Speaker C: And he did, it was really good of him and we had fun and.

Speaker A: We’Ve never really looked back.

Speaker C: And that’s.

Speaker A: What you can do. We did look back. We look back to learn from our successes. Could we make it better and things like that, the general reviews that you would do, but we had a formula for everything. Now that just seems to work.

Break it down into lovely little steps and even big goals into little milestones

Speaker A: And that’s what I wanted to share with you. So it’s not the magical number of steps, but each step is magical if you do it with intention, intention in every step, and re remembering what the feeling of the wish fulfilled is, and re remembering, having worked out your timeline, what this step is leading to. So that’s a mini goal, isn’t it? So you got lots of mini goals, little milestones, I guess you’d call it in business terms, but lots of mini goals, little milestones. And each one creates success in its own right, which makes you feel good, makes you feel more confident, makes you know that you’re doing the right thing. Overwhelm disappears, fear disappears, anxiety disappears. The old impostor syndrome, is there a little bit if you’re doing it, that type of thing, but really in your.

Speaker C: Heart, you know, effort.

Speaker A: I’ve got this. I get to do this. It’s that wonderful feeling that you are.

Speaker C: Driving your bus because you know where.

Speaker A: You’Re going and it’s not overwhelming because you’ve now broke it into magical steps. And each step being so magical, you even sit in the middle and sit down for a spell and think about it. Because I do love magic and spells. So I hope that has given you.

Speaker C: Some, well, a little bit of.

Speaker A: I don’t know, impetus, maybe more confidence to take on something like this.

Speaker C: It doesn’t matter what it is, just.

Speaker A: Break it down into lovely little steps and even big goals into little milestones, and then steps within milestones. Because as long as you’re doing one thing with intention, following those five keys to success, you’ll have rich rewards, enrichness.

Speaker C: In not just monetary terms, because that.

Speaker A: Might not be part of the goal, but you will have a rich success.

Speaker C: Which I know just spills out into.

Speaker A: Other areas of your life. As we said before, when you get a success in one area of your life and you feel confident, more competent, as it were, in yourself, confident in yourself, that spreads to other areas of your life, even your personal, if it’s a business thing, your personal life changes.

Speaker C: Because you’re now a different person, getting.

Speaker A: Closer and closer to being the real.

Speaker C: You and showing it. Isn’t that lovely?

Speaker A: I, hope that makes sense. I hope I’ve inspired you to do something. If there’s a particular goal that you’d like, maybe we could do an episode on the steps of a particular goal. Please get in touch with me. Email me feedback at personal developmentunplugged.com I’m the only bugger here, the only one who reads it. Everything will be anonymous and you’ll always get a reply from me and it will be from me. So please do that if there’s anything, and even if you think, well, hang on, this has got resonates with me, but there’s something different, let me know what that is and let’s keep everything diverse. So wonderfully rich in all manner of things.

Speaker C: That would be awesome.

Speaker A: And have you noticed I haven’t said awesome for a long time. Try to cut it out of my life. I was saying to awesome in every other word, but now it’s magical. Anyway, there you go. Please do share this episode with and hopefully inspire. You can inspire other people by actually doing the work, but also talking about, the process.

Speaker C: Because in that way, when you talk.

Speaker A: About it, you get to learn it in more detail. Or you learn maybe where the gaps.

Speaker C: Are and then you can fill in.

Speaker A: The gaps to make sure that you have that rich success. There you go. So please share. And as usual, if you’re looking at the device, you’re listening this, on and you haven’t subscribed, just have a.

Speaker C: Look, there’s always a button says subscribe, follow or whatever.

Speaker A: If you could do that, that would be great because that just makes this tiny little podcast just a little bit.

Speaker C: Bigger, reached not a bigger audience, but to help more people. And that’s what we’re here for.

Paul Clough says it’s time to fly on your own

Speaker C: So there you go.

Speaker A: Hopefully my wanderings and meanderings have made some sense and I’m going to wander and meander off because it’s time to fly. Thank you so much for your time, so much appreciated and I love this sharing. So have more fun than you can stand.

Speaker C: As usual, not my words.

Speaker A: I don’t know where I got them from, but that is have more fun than you can stand, have more happiness than you can stand. And fly.

Speaker C: Bye bye now.

Speaker D: Warning. You are now leaving the unplugged mind of Paul Clough. It’s time to fly on your own. Be brave, my friend.

Speaker C: Personal development unplugged.