FMQ 398 An Ah-Ha That We All Have But Seem To Ignore – Don’t

Sharing someone’s ah-ha moment that I think we could call consider

and what can I do today to make today special? instead of “What a good idea, I’ll do that tomorrow”

Thanks for the reminder, I hope you are reminded too.

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FMQ 397 Stepping Stone to Success

Stepping Stone to Success Without overwhelm Have you ever wanted something so much, it’s such a great idea you leap at it, lock stock and barrel, and it begins to overwhelm you. It’s as if it all becomes too much and what seems such a great thing flounders, or more to the point we do?…

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FMQ 396 – 30 Seconds To Change Your Life

I have shared in the past the mindful practice of stopping and pausing, at least it’s a mindful practice to me, and the benefits of interrupting your present state and coming back to the moment.

And now I have added one more 30-second step
What is this magical step? Oh my friend this is an audio podcast which means you have to press play

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FMQ 395 You’re Not Capable Of Knowing What You Want

I have this theory that no one is intelligent or wise enough to really know what they want


That’s why our goals, dreams, and wishes fall short of what we could and can achieve.


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FMQ 394 Life Is A Bottle Of Fizz

From a delightful visual metaphor by the wonderful Joy Frink on FaceBook, I just had to share as best I can here in the 5-Minute Quickie podcast.

Please enjoy, and let the learnings slip in.

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FMQ393 Discipline Equals Just One More Day

I didn’t create this, think of it first but it’s such an easy and doable thing to create change in your life and sustain that change.

All In about 5 minutes(well maybe 11), so buckle up for the simple process, because in simplicity there is GENIUS!!!!!

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FMQ 392 An Easy Way To Success

Now, this isn’t a silver bullet to take away all the hard work because if it wasn’t a little uncomfortable everyone would be a raging success. This is, in only 5 or so minutes a strategy to make things as simple, and in simplicity there is genius, and get you the motivation and momentum to get there.

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FMQ391 Is Anxiety Just A Pattern?

Your anxiety is doing something positive for you even if it doesn’t feel nice. Change the behavior and keep the intention and BOOM! you will find that old anxiety just fades away.

Join me for a 5-Minute QUickie episode of the Personal Unplugged podcast and muse with me   ‘O)

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#331 An Un-Chartered Dive Into Listening – To You

So if you like me are interested in finding ways to communicate with ourselves, our unconscious minds, and get better attuned to getting those previously mentioned intuitive thoughts, epiphanies, or brilliant ideas press play and come into the unchartered waters of this episode.

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FMQ 390 How Do You Listen To Your Unconscious Mind?

We all have different ways to listen inside, for some, it may be meditation, others journaling, and even our hobbies, interests, and physical exercise. What’s yours and how good is it?

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