FMQ 210 Overwhelming rituals -Really?

It’s about modeling how they do these things, the things that work and the deep value of them and if you can get the similar results find ways you CAN incorporate these int YOUR life.

FMQ 209 New year what – Nooooo

Let’s use the time you would usually waste and use it in a completely different way. A way to make your life goals work as we start from a foundation of understanding and then ……………….

FMQ 208 A time to feel…….

If you have 5 or so minutes lets relax together, it’s a little hypnotic so make sure you have nothing to do that needs your attention. You may even want to close your eyes.

FMQ 207 The secret of a perfect Christmas

It’s all about having a thought, a little visualisation and then living those thoughts. When I think of the ‘hows’ in this podcast I wonder what it would be like to use them for different occasions or context you find your self in?

FMQ 206 and a half – Another question

This small podcast came from a podcast I recorded but was unable to publish. Something just didn’t seem right

FMQ 206 Ritual or Special Moment

And I didn’t write anything really awesome I just seemed to get this was a time to be WITH myself and I was learning something a little special. I didn’t really understand but I think I did. Have a listen to find out more.

When you do I am going to ask you a question

FMQ 205 Is selfless service real?

Come down this rabbit hole and my struggle with Selfless Service – you will won’t you

FMQ 204 I want the old me – sound familiar

Would you let me share a another personal story? My personal story of wanting to find and be the ‘Old Paul’ again. I think it will resonate with you and maybe you will see the similarities.

FMQ 203 It doesn’t have to be this way

Sometimes things happen to make us feel down or negative – S**t happens. and it’s lonely

FMQ 202 The BS of vulnerability – podcast

Exposed to the possibility of being attacked or harmed”
“Someone who is weak and without protection”