FMQ 200 Here’s some bad and some good advice

It’s not a long podcast but I couldn’t let those comments go without some type of common sense being said. Well my common sense :O)

FMQ 199 It’s a gift unseen

You have to listen to this to get it all and I’ll explain so you can use this and create better things for you in the future. I just might be talking to both of you – your conscious and unconscious mind. Let’s learn together :O)

FMQ 198 Thinking without this is useless

Deep thinking, deep diving or simply taking time out to think these are all part of personal development and all this is Awesome with a capital A. You really have to don’t you? if you want to improve yourself and allow those dreams to come

FMQ 197 How do you listen – to yourself?

Why is it the obvious, the hiding in plain sight can be invisible? That’s what I have just found out about myself, a personal share as it were.

FMQ 196 The secret of making the right decision

Neil Strauss, a writer and genuine nice guy, was on a recent YouTube clip I saw and I had to share this and put a little of the PDU Cloughie spin on it

FMQ 195 There’s no F in talent

You see, you have a unique talent – The things you do that you think are easy and come so natural now, the wonderful ability to be curious and learn and to imagine. Put these three things together and BooM!!!

FMQ 194 Sharing a Ah Ha moment – Doh!

If you’re kind enough to listen I’ll share with you one of my biggest struggles. I have been having a real struggle lately working on …………..

FMQ 193 Super Heroes – Who’s Yours?

What’s your super power and how do you use it? Did you know you have a super power, an ability of doing something really well.

FMQ 192 A Saturday night ramble

It’s a Saturday evening and I’m sharing something that I feel is missed and with a tweak…………………., you will love a tweak ;O)

FMQ 191 A challenge to excel

A five minute podcast

Are you up to challenge that may just make your life excellent?