FMQ 298 Visualization Works – Really? Here’s How

Let me show you a way to use this Superpower for GOOD

FMQ 297 Come for a walk and learn to connect

Let me know what you experience and how good it was

FMQ 296 Starting To Do Something

Yup! After a lot of painting, painting, and more painting and quite a few MaD WoRld podcasts to help us through this mad time, I have finally started something

FMQ 295 Have A Care

the results could be staggering and feel pretty good too.

FMQ 293 Using the Superpower – Procrastination

Go on, come with me down this FMQ rabbit hole and see where we come out.

FMQ 293 Fear/Anxiety – How’s that working for you?

It’s a simple question if you’re fearful or anxious

FMQ 292 Who Am I – I Am Who

Oh my, was I a Dick! With a capital D until I suddenly realized something, like a massive ah-ha moment

FMQ 292 Don’t believe the BS

Enjoy the Five Minute Quickie podcast and I wonder what you will learn about yourself……….Hmmmmmmmmm

FMQ 291 My 20 Minute Rule

You just may find the thing you have been putting off is the thing. What that thing is, is for you to find out :O)

It’s A Mad World

Have a listen and I’ll explain all in around 5 minutes