FMQ 247 Learning by forgetting


Learning by forgetting

The 5 minute quickie podcast that actually lasts 18 minutes (sorry I got carried away)

You don’t know how much you don’t know until you really begin to learn more and more and as you will know from FMQ 246 (you have listened to it haven’t you?) your learning potential is limitless.

Yet one of the problems of learning something new, well in my personal experience, is that I usually start with comparing what I already know to in the new information before I’ve really understand it. Do you find that the case with you? I hope I’m not the only one :O(

The thing is that in order to add new stuff I think we need to ‘park’ what we know so we can LEARN NEWLY. We need to temporarily forget what we know already, other that to understand this new ‘STUFF‘ (technical word for new stuff) so we can fully take on the learnings and only when we understand this new ‘stuff’ we compare it with what we already know.

The thing is, this is so simple to say yet in reality can be difficult to do because of our biases already formed by the old ‘ stuff‘.

But let’s remember what old Albie Einstein said in simplicity there is GENIUS” and discover ways to do this parking of what we already know and to learn newly because as you know I will never leave you hanging without a ‘how to’.

I’ve also added in a suggestion from listening to a great guy Jim Kwik, if you haven’t heard of him Google him or see his YouTube videos, which I think when added to my suggestions give a rich set of ways you can grow.

I’d love to think you get more than one take away from this (and my other episodes) and would really appreciate your feed back on what they are and how they affected your life. Also constructive feedback on how I can improve or subject matter is so dearly sort from you. My email for all of this is

Shine brightly


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