#350 Does It Take a long time Or Is It Quick – a ramble from the Heart

In personal development, there is a smothering of people professing the missing key, the 1-minute hack, to hidden way, and all that BS – And yes to me it is all BS. Your personal development, and mine, is a lifelong adventure.

Yet I also hear that therapy has to be seriously long and drawn out and you have to dig deep into that trauma and I come back to the conclusion above – It’s BS

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FMQ 405 Couldn’t Everybody Use A Little Bit Of Therapy

There are so many great therapists around and you wouldn’t think twice about getting help from a personal trainer in the gym, golf, speaking and, well you fill in the blank.

I see clients change in a couple of hours, and so can you and you deserve to be comfortable in life.

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FMQ 403 A Muse on Hypnosis

I’m often asked why I learned hypnosis and the real truth. I did it for every other reason than helping others – it was all about me and a way into NLP.

That all changed within about 2 hours of the first day of my first training,

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#345 Values – Are They Important?

alues, core values, and those pesky identity beliefs run our world and guess what they are all stored in your unconscious mind.

But what happens when your values in one context clash with those of a different context?

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#330 Creating A New Positive Mind Set

Before we start I want to tell you there is a process within this episode and if you choose to follow it please ensure nothing needs your attention (see the note below)

Having got that out of the way, how would you like to have a more positive outlook, inner confidence or a sense of comfort when tackling the ‘STUFF’ we have to do in life and more specifically achieve success in the things you want to have happen in your life, whether that be career, relationships or even this personal development thang?

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FMQ 376 Making A Good Feeling Even Better

Using the same processes we can take a good feeling and make it better but we have to be vigilant because when we feel good we can forget that we are feeling good because we’re in the feeling good feeling.

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#304 Hypnosis Frustration to Calm

I thought it would be nice for a change to have just a hypnosis track that is simple in its process of taking us from that feeling of being frustrated to just a sense of I’m ok, I’m calm.

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They’re FREE and downloadable so what are your waiting for?

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#303 Skill Stacking THE process PART 3

We’re putting it all together so you can create a specific anchor of your chosen resources such as confidence, awareness, and curiosity, you fill in the blank and use it to put you into your desired state for success. Tailored to your specific requirement and context.

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#302 Skill stacking To Success part 2

This is a wonderful set of small steps, simple steps, because in simplicity there is genius, to access those feelings that you experienced before and can fire off at will

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