FMQ 284 EveryOne’s a Critic


EveryOne’s a Critic

A Five Minute Quickie Podcast

This shorter podcast follows on from #153 ‘A Sense of Purpose’ and as we get to follow that sense how is it those critics seem to appear out of nowhere? They appear as if magic to derail us from our objective with their un-asked for ‘Advice‘  which isn’t advice but a secret veiled criticism.

You could ask, but we never do, from what experience do they have or are they asserting from? Do they have our best interest at heart or is it from a place of envy for whatever reason?

Here’s how to think and act differently than we normally do – but you’ll have to listen because this is a podcast   :O)

Hope this helps in getting into the right frame of mind and allows you to not be de-railed  AND move forward.

Shine brightly


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