imposter syndrome

FMQ 400 Forget Mind Reading It Doesn’t Work

What are they thinking about me?

Are they talking about me?

And there’s a lot more where those came from, don’t you agree?


I know you have those conversations with yourself, I know I do

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#341 The Anxiety Of Being Perfect

Nothing can be perfect because we can always go just a little bit better and if you’re a perfectionist that’s a bit of a bummer and goes hand in hand with these:

I’m not good enough

I’m not worthy

They’ll find me out

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FMQ 366 The One Question That Just Works

And the answers, the Real Answers!, take you from that doubt to empowerment and moving towards what you want, desire and dream of.

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# 289 I Am An Imposter – Really??

We are looking at Imposter Syndrome, the feeling of “I don’t belong here” or “I’ll get found out” differently and when we look at things differently they look different and we can see things more clearly.

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#281 I am A Screw-Up

You see it doesn’t matter what people say how good you are or the great achievements you have made in your life if you feel a crew-up, stupid, I don’t belong here, they’ll find me out.

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#266 Understand the Fear and Do It Anyway

Understand the fear and do it anyway When you learn it disappears In some way, this episode is inspired by Susan Jeffers great book Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway, I bought my copy a few years ago and unconsciously I believe it’s helped me do things I never thought I’d do. The more…

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#252 Who’s listening To You?

This is a whopper of an episode in the amount of not only golden nuggets but silver and bronze ones tooo!

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#246 Reset and Refresh – Right Now!

Trust me, with your mind, and learn this awesome pattern interruption to feeling Anxiety, Fear, FOMO, Imposter syndrome, and a whole lot more.

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