change works

#198 Help Me! – Help Me!

Help Me! – Help Me! Two words we seldom say or ask and if we did our world would change. Are we too proud to ask? or would that be a sign of weakness to show others I’m not coping. Sometimes we can shout out these words but we’re shouting in a whisper with our…

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#171 My Bit On The Side – A slightly longer podcast

In this third of my holy trinity (TLT), this is my third love and has helped with some amazing change work.

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#139 Not just doing something different – a personal story

“If you want what you never had you will have to do what you have never done”

Tiffany Dufu

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#110 THE SECRET _ Choosing how you want to feel

you have to wait for those things to change before you can and the question I ask is – HOW LONG ARE YOU PREPARED TO WAIT?

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