#338 Dreaming – A Waste Of Time Or Is It?

So in this episode, we dive into HOW we take those wishes, those dreams, and make them actualize, become real, and create our reality, the reality we want for ourselves.

Is it important to you to be able to do this? And reap the benefits of creating a wonderfully rich life (it may be the only one you have)?

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FMQ 395 You’re Not Capable Of Knowing What You Want

I have this theory that no one is intelligent or wise enough to really know what they want


That’s why our goals, dreams, and wishes fall short of what we could and can achieve.


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FMQ 388 Dreams Without Goals Leads To Disappointment – Do They?

And here’s the thing – doesn’t a goal without action lead to disappointment and fade away and back to “I wish I’d”?

Come muse with me about what I think is the missing step that means dreams and goals will never lead to disappointment and lead to “I’m so grateful I did ….”

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#310 What’s Next For You? What’s Next For Me?

What’s Next For You? What’s Next For Me? You don’t really know but not knowing is worse than bad Some people think don’t set goals, go with the flow – That’s bad And the thing is there’s always a goal in there somewhere whether you like it or not. At the other end of the…

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#232 Take Your Own Medicine Cloughie

Come with me and stay to the end if you want to get all the good things that you deserve. I’ll explain the why’s and the how’s so you can use this in any context.

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#210 Taking Intuitive Action On Dreams

Do I? Don’t I?
So come with me and let’s learn and when you do I promise you the results can be spectacular!

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FMQ 307 I Had A Dream

I hope by sharing this it may just get you to think

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